Sundance Moves Film Festival Onto the Net

By Davis Freeberg

Hollywood might be approaching VOD kicking and screaming, but independent filmmakers have found the internet to be a very efficient way to access longtail demand. Rather then worrying about their DVD sales being cannibalized, independent studios are finding that the net is a great place to gain exposure and to cheaply distribute their products. It turns out that the Sundance Film Festival has taken notice of this trend and will be allowing the public to stream about two thirds of the short films that will be at this year’s festival.

I expect that this program will benefit these films tremendously. Every year, there is always a lot of press about the Sundance Film Festival, but the public has always been forced to wait to see many of these critically acclaimed films. By allowing the public to immediately view these films online, it will lead to a higher awareness by the public and should create some word of mouth buzz for many films that can’t afford to advertise. The additional exposure could also boost sales of prior films that these producers have made.

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