High Def Video Cameras for $799 Next Year?

Upstart aims to bring HD camcorders to the masses | CNET News.com CNet’s News.com is reporting on a new chip that is out from Ambarella that promises cheaper HDTV video cameras for the future. Theys say that you might be able to see HDTV video cameras as cheap as $799 next year. As these cameras get cheaper and cheaper look to find more and more HDTV long tail content available for download on the internet. Thanks, Lost Remote!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tom Hawks – We want to use a high resolution copy of the Sonoma landscape phot listed on Flickr but IO don have AOL and cannot find out how to get info on if it is available for 1 x use on a brochure for a medical conference at the Lodge at Sonoma. Please advise ASAP. We want to make a decision today. NO blogger Acct.