Welcome to FlickrNation

FlickrNation FlickrNation is a new Podcast about everyone’s favorite photo sharing service Flickr. I just recorded the first episode and you can download it here.

Show Notes

Intro: 0:00


2:00 Flickr to offer photo printing services.

2:57 Flickr’s new book printing service through Qoop.

3:42 Flickr’s new “Replace This” feature.

Flickr in the blogospere

5:00 Anil Dash, Caterina Fake and should Flickr’s interesting photographers share in Flickr advertising revenue?

9:45 The Flickrization of Yahoo!

12:39 Interestingness.

15:35 Other Flickr podcasts: Flickrcast, The Deleteme Uncensored Podcast.

16:00 Deleteme and Deleteme Uncensored.

17:29 Journey to the center of Yahoo!

19:11 Sitemeter for Flickr and Technorati.

21:25 Nick Starr and FlickrLico.us.

25:23 Flickr and the Pornography Problem and Mr. Chalk says he’s done with Flickr (time for him to go outside and smell the flowers).

27:51 Blogebrity interviews Heather Champ.

28:50 Music Credits: Back in the Sunshine Again, by the Sunshine Family and Bernard, by Eloi Brunelle

29:30 Back in the Sunshine Again, by the Sunshine Family

If you have comments for the show feel free to leave them for me on Skype thomashawkskype or you can simply phone (415) 992-5350 and leave a voicemail message for the show.

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  1. Elin says:

    Hey, that’s marvelous~! Really interesting and fun, well done!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thomas – Great show man. I realy enjoyed it. Any thoughts on an enclosure based feed? There is no way to automatically pull this down in iTunes… instead I just listened in browser which worked fine, but for the future, I’d like to more easily take it to go.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Yes Jonathan. Will have an enclosure based feed at flickrnation shortly.

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