TiVo Surpasses 4 Million Subscribers

TiVo announced today that they have now surpassed 4 million subscribers. This included 434,000 total net new subscribers added last quarter. TiVo lost $14.2 million in the most recent quarter compared with $26.4 million in the third quarter of last year.

Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo, said, “I’m proud to report that TiVo surpassed 4 million subscriptions this quarter. This is an indication of the reach that TiVo has achieved, particularly in this more competitive marketplace.”

Rogers continued, “Three factors affected our results: more cable competition, a far greater increase in DIRECTV subscriptions following a rebate program that offered an effectively free TiVo DVR, and our own marketing program that started well into the quarter compared to the full quarter last year. Given these circumstances, and the investment we made in the testing of and learning from various marketing initiatives during the third quarter, we believe these results demonstrate reasonable progress.”

No other new significant news on the company from them in their earnings announcement — the rest is just a rehash of earlier stories: Taiwan, TiVo on your iPod, partnership with advertisers, etc.

There may be more news in the Q&A; with analysts this afternoon.

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