Tara Hunt on The New Digital Lifestyle

My so-called online life: “Personally, I have 4 different IM clients currently on my desktop, 6 different email addresses where I recieve (currently) an average of 500 messages per day, several blogs to keep up, 150 blogs in my aggregator (often with several hundred posts per day to read), groups to follow (and that I run) on Upcoming and Flickr, and several different ‘vanity searches’ to do several times a day to determine where the buzz is at. Somewhere in between here, I have a life offline, but more and more I’m finding myself feeling naked without an internet connection wherever I go. I rely on these new communications mediums so heavily that picking up the phone and dialing is my last resort to finding information.”

Yep. Yep. And then there are podcasts to listen to and podcasts to record yourself, stuff to watch that’s been saved on your TiVo, digtial mp3 libraries to maintain, new technologies to try, etc. etc.


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  1. Becky says:

    And Netflix to watch.

  2. eddy joaquim says:

    I know! Thank god for my camera that makes me get out there and see the world…