Hanging Out With Flickr Friends

Catchy Colors Will Do It
Originally uploaded by Elinesca .

Spent last night hanging out with Elinesca (who is in town from Boston for an educators convention training type of thing), Caitlin Burke, and SFBuckaroo. Lots and lots of Flickr talk and other fun. It’s great that you can show up in another City and instantly have a friendship with the people that you meet on Flickr. Elinesca took this photo of Caitlin and I. The only bad thing was that I forgot to swap my battery out of my camera so it was dead and I went through massive withdrawls not being able to shoot. It was pretty cool though playing with everyone else’s cameras — a fun and different kind of experience for me. Caitlin, Elinesca and SFBuckaroo all have shots up from our little mini kind of Flickr meet up last night.

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  1. Apprentice says:

    Fancy shooting that poor auld duffer lying in the shop doorway. Have you people got no self respect?