FlickrNation, Episode 2

FlickrNation, Episode 2

FlickrNation, Episode 2,

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Show Notes:

1:00: New website home You can vote for the podcast on Podcast Alley here. The RSS feed for the show is here. Contact info:, Yahoo Messenger: thomashawk22, Skype: thomashawkskype, Phone: 415-992-5350.

2:30: Two new Flickr features: Auto-Magically Rotate and Allow Blogging.

3:45: Yahoo!’s logon process to get “flickerized” according to Stewart Butterfield.

5:45: Flickr mentioned on CNET’s, Tagging Gives Web a Human Meaning.

8:40: Flickr Staff blogs: Sylloge (Stewart Butterfield), (Heather Champ), (Caterina Fake), (Cal Henderson), (George Oates). The link I mentioned from Cal’s blog on corporate logos and their colors.

14:37: Hypergene MediaBlog, Using Flickr for Product Marketing. iView Multimedia. Thanks for the link Steve!

16:26: Wrong number call in on Skype during the podcast by a 90 year old woman without a computer or digital camera. (Sorry about the bad sound quality from her, I wasn’t expecting a call in from a wrong number so the mic didn’t pick up so well).

21:00: Shayne Bowman and using Flickr for Product Marketing continued.

23:00: One Google AdSense ad is ok for your blog when linking to and using Flickr as a non commercial personal site.

26:55: Is Less More? Heather Champ asks, should the number of tags on Flickr photos be limited to less than 100?

31:08: Fav/View >= 5% Group. Top poster, Aqui Ali.

34:00: New FlickrNation Group on Flickr.