World in Need of a Blogging Renaissance

World in Need of a Blogging Renaissance Mitch Keeler says he’s tired of the same old top bloggers getting all of the attention from sites like Blogniscient, Memeorandum and Blogebrity. Nick Douglas of Blogebrity takes issue of his being lumped in as an aggregator. I’d have to kind of agree with Nick. I mean, Blogebrity is about the celebrity of bloggers. I’m not sure whether Mitch is being critical of Blogebrity or not, but it seems kind of crazy to suggest that maybe they shouldn’t be blogging about A list bloggers — to me that would be the equivalent of asking People magazine to stop focusing so much effort on A list celebrities — uhhh, isn’t that what People is there for? Do I complain about the fact that PVRblog is writing too much about PVRs and not enough about other things? No, because that’s what it’s there for.

Now whether or not People is your cup of tea or not, or whether Blogebrity is a site for you is another question. But I wouldn’t criticize them for doing what they do. Perhaps Mitch is not criticizing them, but just suggesting a preference for something else these days.

I’ve just started using Blogniscient, but as far as Memeorandum goes I think they do a damn good job of covering the top stories. I check the site every day and without exception they cover the hot tech news of the day. Although a lot of the same A list bloggers get covered there, they often times provide deeper links and I’ve found some good new bloggers there actually. But again, my primary reason for going there is to stay on top of the top tech news of the day.

I don’t think people should be critical of services like memeorandum or sites like Blogebrity simply because they seem to aggregate much of the content of or post about the top bloggers. That’s what they are designed for.

Mitch does raise a good point though. How and where do you find new and original content in the blogosphere. I find that I will find new writers oftentimes because they visit my blog and drop an insightful comment. I also get technorati subscriptions to terms like flickr and mce and tivo and the what not and find other new bloggers blogging about the same subjects that interest me. Still, I wish I could find more new fresh bloggers that are blogging about interesting things in digital media. Digg has a lot of stories with quite a bit of diversity. Where else out there are you finding fresh new voices?

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