Microsoft Courts Hollywood Allies

Microsoft Courts Hollywood Allies“They get it better than they used to,” said one studio’s new-media executive, who like others declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of negotiations. “They’re trying to learn lessons from their failure on the music side, where Apple blew them out of the water.”

Perhaps the most significant fruit emerged a year ago with the formation of a group that is close to finishing a rights-management system for high-definition video. Backers of the Advanced Access Content System, known as AACS, include tech firms Microsoft, Intel Corp. and IBM Corp.; media companies Warner Bros. and Disney; and consumer electronics companies Panasonic, Toshiba and Sony, which also makes movies.”

More on why you can’t watch HDTV on your Media Center PC.

“After learning a hard lesson in the digital music business, “we’re really having to work more closely with partners in the hardware industry and content industry, to really think through the whole end-to-end experience and make it better,” Gates said. “That’s where we’ve done our mea culpa. We are fixing that.””

I suppose until we see exactly how crippled our Media Center PCs become I should withold judgement. It would appear though that Microsoft is tending to side with the entertainment industry over their end user consumers and this very well may be a mistake. The end result may be a product that is so cumbersome that it will not work well enough to garner mass consumer adoption — which in the end is probably what would make Hollywood happiest of all.

As the Media Center PC already suffers from a perception that it is too difficult and complicated to use for an everyday consumer, adding in more digital rights management problems may only exacerbate the situation. I suppose time will tell.

I don’t think that I buy the argument that this is the only way to get HDTV to a Media Center PC and that I should embrace this.

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