Bloglines CEO Promises Top Blog Search by Summer

Update: Greg from NewsGator asks in the comments for me to send more details to NewsGator support on the problem with pub sub results not displaying correctly in NewsGator Online. Greg, I’ve sent this bug into NewsGator support before and was told that it was being worked on. The image above is an example of how pub sub results are pulled in to NewGator online. As you can see the body of the text comes through but no headline or way to go and view the original story or to even know who posted the original story. Links in stories work, there just is no way to identify the author of the story or go back to the found story to leave a comment, etc.

Bloglines CEO promises top blog search by summer: It looks like Bloglines is stepping up to do some interesting things in blog search.

“The CEO of Bloglines (now a division of AskJeeves) says that his company will release a blog search engine this summer which will surpass the likes of Technorati, Feedster, and PubSub. “The challenge,” he says, “is to create world-class blog search, which we don’t think exists now.””

Now this is interesting. I wonder if NewsGator plans to do anything similar.

I’ve basically switched to NewsGator as my RSS reader of choice. I still have a Bloglines account though that doesn’t get much use. The only thing I still use it for is for Pub Sub because NewGator online is incapable of getting headlines right from Pub Sub. I’ve mentioned this to Bob Wyman a few times in the past at Pub Sub, but I’m sure it’s not his issue as Bloglines seems to have no problem pulling in Pub Sub headlines. Don’t know why NewsGator can’t get this one right.

Thanks to Stephen Baker and Heather Green for doing such a nice job with Blogspotting over at BusinessWeek. You guys have a great column. And thanks for pointing me to the story this morning Steve.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you send us ( some more details as to the Pubsub problem? They seem to work fine for me in NewsGator…curious what might be going wrong for you.