Time Warner’s New “Start Over” Service

New York Post Online Edition: I saw this story earlier on Bloomberg today and just really didn’t want to blog about it. It looks like Time Warner is going to begin offering a service that allows you to start a television show at any time during the airing of the show. From what I understand there are no real DVR features – no fast forwarding through the commercials, no pause, no season pass. A digital idiot box of sorts.

I guess what really gets my dander up is that this is just about the most useless service I think I’ve ever heard of and yet many people, again, the uninitiated, will assume that this is as good as a TiVo or MCE machine when it’s really more typical crap being spoon fed by the cable operators and their evil cousins the broadcast networks.

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  1. Discfree.com says:

    hmmm this seems like a very tricky way to get around Tivo’s Time warping patent. Very Clever on Time Warner’s Part.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From my perspective, I think Time Warner’s rollout of this service (which eliminates basically all DVR functionality as Thomas pointed out), indicates that the DVR business model is unfeasible for the cable service providers since they give away the boxes (eating the upfront cost), especially given the high fail rate of the crappy Scientific Atlanta boxes which they are forced to replace at no cost to the consumer.

    According to the article:
    One of the problems with DVR boxes, in addition to the initial cost, is that “hard drives fail,” and have to be replaced eventually, Time Warner Cable chief executive Glenn Britt said.