Our Media Alpha Launches

Well after months of anticipation Our Media is finally here. Ourmedia.org is an open source media project that allows it’s users the ability to store any kind of digital media on it’s servers with no charge for unlimited bandwidth or unlimited storage forever. Wow!

The project is backed by the significant backbone of Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive and was founded by a wide group of bloggers, scholars, and other digital media advocates and enthusiasts. Technology veterans J.D. Lassica and Marc Canter were two of the original members of the project and have taken the lead roles in getting the effort off of the ground.

The Advisory Board of Our Media reads like a who’s who of the technology elite, Larry Lesig, Brewster Kahle, Dan Gillmor and Doc Searls among others all sit on the Board. It is an interesting effort of Lesig’s Creative Commons in action but even more than this it is, “cool, it’s free, more media for me!”

Lassica describes it this way, “the biggest hurdle people face today after creating a really cool movie or taking some really amazing photos is: What now? Where do I put it? How do I share it? We say: Put it here and we’ll store it, safeguard it, and let you show it off. Free. Forever.”

From the press release:

“The effort, begun last June, has been largely accomplished as an open-source effort, with no income, no expenses and a central group of 50 volunteers working in a public wiki to build the site. Ourmedia, which will soon become a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), has partnered with the Internet Archive and Creative Commons, both non-profit outfits in San Francisco, and Bryght, an open-source content publishing company in Vancouver, Canada.”

This project represents a fantastic opportunity for the digital media enthusiast on two fronts.

One. This will be another great place – a digital library – to acquire more digital content for your ever increasing digital appetite and your ever growing digital library.

Two. This will be a great place for you to store any of your own media that you have created. It will be a both a safeguard and backup for your important works of art, video, audio and photos and it will be an easy way for you to promote these efforts if you would like to share your vision with everyone else.

“”Imagine being able to tap into the richest repositories of freely shareable works in the world and create image albums, slide shows, video jukeboxes and media libraries with a few mouse clicks,”” Canter said. “”We’re on our way there. But we need others to pitch in and help.””

So stop by Our Media today and upload/download some new digital media. It’s all you can eat and it’s all free. I’ve already uploaded some of my photographs and will upload many more in the days ahead.

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