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Blogging DEMO TiVo’s Mike Ramsay is participating in DEMO and a few posts on his talk with Chris Shipley are starting to post to the blogosphere. Ramsay presented last night at Scottsdale, AZ technology conference.

From comes a post on Chis Shipley’s interview with TiVo CEO Mike Ramsay:

“TiVo is approaching 3 million subscribers which, Ramsey points out, is not very big from an advertising market perspective. “We need to get to something like 10 million,” he said, before TiVo’s subscriber base becomes a real target for advertisers. Comparing the 100 million cable customers with TiVo’s 3 million customers, Chris asks if there isn’t a whole market segment being missed in the PVR market. “The real issue, Ramsey says is that the set top world is very proprietary and fragmented with so many different set top boxes in deployment and the switching costs and changing distribution channels providing friction for a lot of strategic deals.”

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Also Om Malik is out with a post on a conversation he had with Ramsay where Ramsay admits that he recently switched from Windows to a Mac, and despite the recent CES announcement of Microsoft and TiVo working together, according to Malik, Ramsay “laid down some smack on Microsoft’s grand TV plan of dominating the set-top box, PC, middle-ware and back-end business.” And here we were thinking they were all friendly these days. Can’t we all just get along?

In other news on TiVo, PVRblog was out yesterday with a post on a HME development with the new TiVo push for outside devlopers to write software for it’s platform. This latest plug pushes eBay to your TiVo.

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