HP Launching a Linux Media Center, PC to support HDTV

eHomeUpgrade | HP Launching a Linux Media Hub: eHome Upgrade is out this morning with comments on a New York Times Story on a new Media Center PC entering the market. It what some might see as a huge insult and competitive threat to their Media Center partner Microsoft, HP will be introducing a Linux Media Center PC this fall. Similar to Microsoft’s Media Center Edition software, this PC will record and play back television as well as organize your digital photos and music.

According to HP CEO Carly Fiorina, who will be presenting a keynote address on Friday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, “by using Linux instead of Windows HP can reduce the cost of the device.” Further, she added, “the real motive is not the cost, but the ease of use and simplicity.”

This seems to smack Microsoft right in the face and infer that the Windows Media Center PC is both expensive as well as too complex and complicated for most people to use.

CNET is also reporting that HP’s new media hub will offer HDTV recording. There is no clarification yet as to whether the HDTV support will be limited to OTA or also include satellite or cable.

CNET Story. New York Times Story. Engadget Story.

Michael Gartenberg’s take.

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