The 2nd Annual Scott Kelby NAPP Adobe Worldwide Photowalk

All Those Careless Days Are Gone

I had a great time this afternoon hanging out with my Pal Tom Hogarty, Product Manager for Adobe Lightroom, on the 2nd Annual Scott Kelby NAPP Worldwide Photowalk in San Francisco. Tom led a great two hour walk around the Adobe’s San Francisco offices which included lots of modern architecture, old cars, graffiti, and some really cool warehouse grit that you find around Townsend Street there.

After the walk Tom and the staff at Adobe invited us into their offices for pizza and beer/soda and took questions and solicited feedback from the photowalk participants about Adobe products. Tom couldn’t really get into future plans for Lightroom specifically, but he did mention a few of his own personal favorite plug ins including something that I hadn’t heard of before called Mogrify. The plug in seems to be in part about watermarking and borders which I don’t use so I’m not sure it’s for me, but it was nice learning about that. Tom also took feedback from people in the room about what they’d like to see in the next version of Lightroom.

It was great shooting for a bit on the photowalk with my Pal Ivan Makarav from DMU on Flickr. Ivan is currently putting together a DMU photography magazine that I’m really excited to see develop. This is a magazine that I’ll be contributing my own photography to and will blog more about it once the first issue is out and available for purchase. I think it’s going to be about 60 pages and include a lot of the photographers that are currently participating in the Flickr DMU group.

Every Marigold I Pass Below Will Be My Guiding LightTelephone's Still BrokeAh Honey Help Me PIck Up the ChangeOn a Neutral Plane

It was also good to finally meet Stephan Shankland face to face. Stephan writes for CNET and has been a reporter I’ve admired for a long time. Stephen covers a lot of the photography and photo sharing tech stories and blogs at CNET’s Underexposed blog that you can read here. It’s definitely one you’ll want to follow if you are interested in good photography tech related reporting. Here’s a meta shot of Stephan from the walk.

It was also good to catch up with Ziv Gillat, one of the Founders of Eye-Fi. Eye-Fi is doing really interesting stuff with wifi and geolocational information built inside memory cards. Eye-fi recently came out with a new 4GB card for the Pro Photographer that for the first time writes RAW files for wireless delivery. I was excited to check out that card but haven’t tried it yet because they didn’t have a CF version of it out.

SoarAnd I'm Looking Through the Glass Where the Light Bends-at the CracksTom Hogarty

In addition to meeting and socializing with a bunch of other great photographers and Adobe staff I had a great time shooting myself. I found this old Ford car that was so much fun to shoot. I couldn’t figure out what kind of Ford it was. If anyone can identify it from my photos please let me know. I think it might be a Galaxie 500, but the emblem had been removed so I’m not sure. I also loved shooting the condominiums with all their crazy cloud reflections near the Adobe campus.

Thanks much to Tom Hogarty, and everyone at Adobe for hosting a fantastic walk today. I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. This photowalk by the way was held today in San Francisco was merely one of 900, yes 900, photowalks held all over the world. Here is a map of where all of the photowalks were held. You can learn more about this photowalk here.

You can see my complete set of images from this photowalk here.