2010 San Bruno Pipeline Explosion

Burned Home, San Bruno Gas Line Explosion, 2010

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I took these photos on the morning of September 19th of some of the damage from the San Bruno PG&E pipeline explosion. As of this morning, most of the disaster area is still heavily guarded by various law enforcement agencies.

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The 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion occurred at 6:11 p.m. PDT on September 9, 2010, in San Bruno, California, when a 30 inch steel natural gas pipeline owned by Pacific Gas & Electric exploded in flames.

The loud roar and shaking led some residents of the area, first responders, and news media to initially believe that it was an earthquake or that a large airplane from nearby San Francisco International Airport had crashed. It took crews nearly an hour to determine it was a gas pipeline explosion.[

Reports about the number of deaths are conflicting. According to the San Bruno chief of police seven were dead and six were missing as of Saturday September 11, but the coroner’s office questioned the information from the police department, stating only four deaths were confirmed. Many were hospitalized with injuries. 37 homes were destroyed by the blaze, with about 8 badly damaged. USGS registered the explosion and resulting shock wave as a magnitude 1.1 earthquake. Eye witnesses reported the initial blast “had a wall of fire more than 1000 feet high”.