JPG Magazine Getting Closer to Selling

Laura Brunow Miner, JPG Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief sent the following email out this morning updating people on what’s going on with JPG Magazine:

We couldn’t ask for a better community. In the week or so since our last email, the outpour of support has exceeded our wildest expectations. Your efforts, such as starting, writing blog posts, commenting on Twitter and Flickr, and generally making your voices heard, have provided exciting new opportunities for us.

We’re thrilled to say that because of you, we have multiple credible buyers interested in giving JPG a home. We will be keeping the site up after all, and hope to have a final update in the next week or so on who the acquirer will be. Thank you for making all of this possible.

Laura Brunow Miner
Editor in Chief

Not sure who the possible buyer might be, but several names have been brought up recently. One possible suitor mentioned in the past has been Flickr, but I highly doubt this would happen. According to Heather Champ, who works at Flickr and is also a co-founder of JPG Magazine, Flickr “are not and never have been interested in bidding on JPG.”