Kelly Castro’s Portarit of Me: TH 99


A few weeks back when I was down visiting with Adobe’s Lightroom Team, I had an opportunity to stop by and spend some time with Kelly Castro, an amazing photographer who I’ve long admired who works on the team. Kelly took the above portrait of me while I was down there as part of his Exteriors series. It was a honor to be photographed by someone with Kelly’s creativity and talent. Thanks Kelly for including me in this fantastic series. You can see more of Kelly’s work on Flickr here.

Kelly Castro’s Exteriors Series Remixed by Santiago Ortiz

Love is Patient Remix from Kelly Castro's Exterior Series

On Tuesday I went down to spend some time with Adobe’s Lightroom team down in San Jose (more on that later) and had a great opportunity to meet for the first time and visit with one my favorite photographers Kelly Castro. Kelly not only works on the Lightroom team at Adobe, but he is also doing some of the most interesting new photography around today. Kelly’s on Flickr as kelco and one project that I’ve especially admired over the past year and a half or so has been his unique collection of black and white portrait work entitled “exteriors.” Kelly is currently working on a book for this project and is very close to completing the photography for this project.

Kelly showed me during my visit his lighting setup and how he makes these amazing portraits. He spends about an hour per portrait after shooting them in post production. One of the things that Kelly also showed me during our visit was a really cool mashup using this series by Santiago Ortiz. Ortiz has done a number of other interesting visual projects that are well worth checking out here. The photo above does not do justice to the remix by Ortiz. To see remix of this project check out this link directly to get a better sense of motion and transformation for his version of some of Kelly’s photographs entitled “love is patient.”