An Open Letter to Alex Katz, Communications Director, Oakland City Office Regarding Oakland City Attorney John Russo’s Participation in an Illegal Robodial for Alameda Superior Court Judge Candidate Victoria Kolakowski

Hi Alex,

You promised over a week ago that you’d get back with me regarding this issue of John’s participation in an illegal robodial by the Kolakowski campaign. As you know, this particular case is especially galling as it involves an actual sitting law judge (sworn to uphold the law) at the PUC making an illegal robodial that the *very same agency*, the PUC, is charged with enforcing.

KCBS reported on John’s role in this illegal activity yesterday. You can hear their report here.

Your promise to get back with me on this issue is starting to feel more like just a typical first line of defense of a campaign to ignore the complainer.

It would be nice to hear back from you on this issue as you promised me. As Oakland City Attorney, shouldn’t John be obeying the law he is charged with enforcing?

I’m glad I took a recording of the call that KCBS was able to use.