365 Portraits, The Book

365 Portraits The Book

In 2007 Photographer Bill Wadman traveled around the United States and Europe with a single mission. Each day he photographed, edited and posted online a different portrait of a different person. It was a mammoth effort meticulously followed that resulted in one of the most authentic collection of portraits I’ve ever seen. The result, entitled simply 365 Portraits is a significant and beautiful collection of images. I was honored to have been included as a subject in Bill’s Project and think the photo that he took of me is one of the best I’ve ever seen. While Bill shot some famous people in his book (like Astronaut Buzz Aldrin) I found some of his most compelling portraits to be those of everyday people as part of their everyday lives. Here are some of my favorites:

Land Surveyor A.J. MacBrien
A nude of Sarah Lizbet
Teacher Barrie Mann
Writer/Poet Sarah Herrington
Lover and Contrast of Graph Paper Regina Sampels
Racer Beth O’Brien
Photographer Smoothdude
Baby Jonah Max
Octogenarian Hiker Betty New
Singer Songwriter Jocelyn Ryder
Overthinker Alexis Levinson
Video Blogger Ze Frank
Editor of Poz Magazine Regan Hoffman
Workaholic Amy Prole

Bill has now finally released his book of these portraits. The book will be an initial limited edition run of 500 numbered and signed copies. The book is hard cover with about 250 pages showcasing these amazing portraits and Bill is selling them for $120 each. There is a July 20th pre-order deadline. Here is your opportunity to own a unique and interesting early edition work of art from an emerging American photographer and to support an artist directly as well. I just ordered mine 30 minutes ago. Congrats on your project Bill and congrats now on the book — a remarkable work and a labor of love for sure.