The Latest Tech Trends in Real Estate Photography

6324 Castle Drive, Oakland, CA

Earlier this week I was checking out a new listing that Kelly and Marvin Deal with Grubb Company here in Oakland, CA have up for a home for sale in the Oakland Hills. Kelly and Marvin helped mrsth and I buy our home in Piedmont a few years back and are excellent real estate agents if you are looking to buy or sell in the East Bay, especially near Piedmont or Oakland.

In looking at the listing, I was struck by how sophisticated real estate photography is getting. I’d seen interactive home tours online before, but with the convergence of things like 360 degree cameras and drone photography, real estate photography seems to be moving to a whole new level. In this case they used drone cameras to get unique views of the property including dramatic aerial views showcasing the parklands around the property.

They also used a company called Open Homes Photography who is using 360 cameras to build not just interactive walk through tours of properties, but can even convert these 360 degree views into custom floor plan and aerial type dollhouse views.

Anyways, if you are doing real estate photography, check it out — and if you’re thinking of moving to Oakland, give Kelly and Marvin a call as well.

With housing in San Francisco and the Peninsula going nuts with the recent tech boom, on a relative basis Oakland is much more affordable. We moved to the East Bay in 2001 and over the last decade I think Oakland especially has been growing into a wonderful place to live and work. Great new restaurants seem to be popping up daily, art and food and culture are thriving and BART makes it super easy to get to the City quickly.