Leaked Details on Canon’s New EOS 50D

Canon 50D Info Leaked – REAL SPECS! – Digital Camera Reviews, News and Resources | Photography Bay Photography Bay says that they ran across a spec page for the new Canon 50D (note 50D not 5D) on Canon’s Chinese website.

According to Photography Bay, the web page (which is now down, but which you can see a screenshot of here) lists the following specs:

” * 15.1 megapixel CMOS sensor
* 1.6x crop
* Dust Reduction
* Auto Brightness Processing
* 95% viewfinder .97 magnification
* 9 point af (All Cross Type)
* 35 meter area equipped with high-precision sensors
* AF Fine Tuning
* ISO 100-12800
* 6.3 fps (high speed) 3fps (low speed)
* Buffer: 16 RAW – 60 JPG – 10 RAW+JPG
* 920,000 points VGA 3.0-inch LCD monitor
* 100,000 cycle shutter
* Rugged magnesium alloy bodyFull Specifications”

Take this info with a grain of salt and consider it rumored news at best. The new Canon 50D will likely be launched next month at the massive Photokina photography conference/show over in Germany. This is also where we will likely see Canon’s updated 5D launched as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s basic ISO levels are 100 to 1600. Given 15Mp crammed into a crop sensor, anything over ISO 3200 is going to be a noise disaster/major detail loss. I commend them for the option to have that boost, but the loss of detail will reduce my ability to use it in larger prints. Marketing at its finest…

  2. TranceMist says:

    Same size sensor, but more megapizels, not good. 🙁

  3. Mike Wood says:

    Can’t wait to see official specs and what else Canon comes up with to make us drool. A full sensor and more megapixels would have been nice. And maybe it will be. 🙂