Jackson Reviews the iPhone


Jackson Reviews the iPhone from Thomas Hawk and Vimeo.

I asked my six year old son Jackson to do a quick review and demonstration of the Apple iPhone. One of the things that I’ve been amazed about with the iPhone is how super intuitive and simple it is. He doesn’t always get it 100% right, but he can work his way around the phone pretty well. Check out the video above for Jackson’s review.

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  1. Interesting choice for the demo YouTube video. 🙂

    That is one of the great things about the iPhone. I don’t even show people how to use it when they ask about it. I just hand it to them. Invariably, the get it turned on and unlocked right away. It’s so intuitive.

  2. Haha this was great! Really entertaining, “I didn’t know the iphone had a compass” , he’s a smart kid to pick google over yahoo haha. Better get him some “stuff” aka. stock.

  3. i posted this over there, but thought i’d post it here, too:

    “yeah, I’ve got to watch what he watches better there I think. I thought Apple was doing some basic screening and nothing too dangerous would get on there.”

    -thomas hawk

    did i just hear you say that? not only are you supporting censorship, which you normally claim to abhor and caused you to leave flickr over, you are in essence are advocating a corporation censor content so that you don’t have to police what your children are viewing.

    tsk tsk, thomas….not good!

  4. Canada is waiting for the iPhone but it sounds like it will be some time before we get it. Just like to thank you for the site. I find it interesting and informative.

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