Michael Crook is an Evil Bully Who Should Be Stopped

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Update: The latest is that Crook has made a bogus homemade DMCA notice to try and get Boing Boing to take down his photo. Fark has now also announced a photoshop contest. Fortunately for Boing Boing, their ISP is in Canada where the DMCA sun don’t shine.

It is also interesting to note that the photo of Crook that he so much would like removed from websites was from when he was on Fox News bragging about his websites which puportedly try to dismiss the Holocaust among other things.

Good Luck Mike!

Michael Crook used the website Craigslist to bait men using sexually explicit ads. He then impersonated a woman under the pretenses of meeting these man getting them in the process to reveal personal information about themselves.

He then used that personal information to contact these men’s employers, spouses, etc. to embarass them for sport.

This is evil and the worst of what the internet represents.

When his misdeeds were chronicled on the 10 Zen Monkeys website, including a photo lifted from a public appearance by Crook on Fox News, Crook tried to use the DMCA to force 10 Zen Monkey’s internet provider to take the photo down.

While I can understand why someone as evil who screwed over so many men might want their photo taken off the internet, I think it’s abusive to use the DMCA, a law that was meant to be used for copyright owners to have their copyrighted material take off the internet, abused and used as a tool of censorship.

So above you will find the photo of Michael Crook that he doesn’t want people to see. I have no problem publishing a photo of him after he ruined so many people’s lives. I may end up getting a DMCA take down notice as well, but if enough of us publish his photo, it won’t matter anymore and it will be in the public domain.

The EFF yesterday filed a lawsuit against Crock for abusing the DMCA to try and silence his critics. I hope that they are successful.

Bullies should not be able to operate with impunity.

Although Boing Boing says that Michael Crook is an assumed name by him (I’m not sure what kind of person would assume the last name Crook) the website Truth Luster suggests that his full name is Michael Scott Crook. With Delaney as a surname for his mothers maiden name according to a post he made in a geneology forum and Vogel another name through his mothers line.

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  1. This is pure evil. This was the most evil thing i’ve ever heard done!

    He didn’t have the right to do this to those other poor guys.

    And as i read he sends bogus notices around where his picture stands!

  2. He has been playing these games for at least a couple years. I found one incident where he faked his own death at the supposed hands of US soldiers angry at his anti-troops web site.

  3. Crook isn’t evil, he’s too stupid to be evil. He’s just an ignorant arse!!! He’s the type of person who has little to look forward to in life, under-educated and hates everybody else because of the “hand he’s been dealt”.

    Truth is, he’s a fake & can’t stand it when anybody stands up to him. Kudos to all who have, keep up the good work.

  4. I wouldn’t sweat it. Since this appeared on The Sean Hannity Show, Fox would own the copyright to the pic, not Mr. Crook.

    I believe for Mr. Crook…Mr. Coming Around is knocking at his door.

  5. It pretty much doesn’t matter what you do to this guy.. He is a cockroach.

    Some of his history:

    He wrote some inflamitory letters to the editor of his local newspaper that got folks riled up. They were about how old folks shouldn’t drive. Not the first negative attention he got, but at least he didn;t get put in jail this time.

    He claimed to have “found” (stolen) a soldiers camera at a football game. It was later returned without the pictures…(was in the news)
    He then started his anti-troops tirade. Mixed in there was some anti-Mormon diatribe, along with white supremecist hoopla. Just to try and get some more attention, he started a pro-homosexuality site.

    The heat started to kick up after his father-in-law weighed in on the matter, and basically exposed him for a loser. That was when a mystery letter from a lawyer that didn’t exhist went out to an ISP. others took up the fight after Hannity and Colmes handed his rear end to him. Various radio interviews, online recorded interviews (where he admitted to relations with undrage girls) and blogs really turned up the heat, so he used his wife to call and pose as a lawyer (didn’t work too well for him.) He couldn;t handle the pressure, so he attempted to fake his death, claiming that he was beaten to death by some service men.

    By some miracle of science, he was revived a short few days later, and he was at it again. The screws got turned when an insider exposed that he was tossed out of a farmer domicile by the health department because it was too dirty for him to live in with all the garbage around. Is it true? speculation perhaps, but some great input from co-workers exposed why he couldn’t seem to hold a job for more than a month or so.

    He then decided to start trolling the Stormfront (white supremecist) website offering services of webhosting through his “company” SMIS hosting. No takers, so he started looking for girlfriends on the side.

    After more attention and the Holocaust website, he saw the error of his ways, and put out a statement that he was duped and that everyone was equal…only to later re-instate the holocaust site… An obsession with a teenger, and another faked death by hackers. along with a wikipedia defacement so vehement he ended up getting his info taken off there, followed up by another death in Alaska (how he got there nobody knows, since he was broke), and countless sales of his domains later… here we are… Crook trying to erase his past but He can’t quite let go of that addiction to attention.

    If you wrote out a true history of the guy, the book would read like a bad comedy of errors. His bufoonery is classic, and he stumbles all over himself all the way along… he lost a CPS battle over custody of his child, and just doesn;t quite get it…

    The bigger issue is not what you can get out of him, he has nothing…. a busted old crappy ford that only runs on occasion, and a computer that he RENTS… He has nothing.. the greatest hope, is that you can get an injunction against him from touching a computer for the rest of his life.

    His only aim is to cause pain and frustration in peoples lives. strangley that includes his own, only I am not sure he is bright enough to figure that out…

  6. His full name is michael scott crook. the other info seems to be mostly correct. the reason I know this is because he is related to me.

    I’ve been told by people who know that he’s been like this since childhood

    I have no sympath or support for what he does

  7. His real name is Mike Delaney-Vogel. He went to Oakcrest High School in Mays Landing. He is now harassing people who are supporting a girl who had a brain aneurysm, and is fighting for her life. Why? Because she didn’t like him in high school.

  8. Unfortunately, “Denielle” doesn’t know of what she speaks.

    I assume this blog supports the truth being told, and Denielle may not be aware of this, but there are numerous reasons that a guy doesn’t like a girl, and it IS possible for none of the reasons to be supposed rejection.

    The problem with her theory is that Mike NEVER pursued her in high school. The issue at hand is the cruel, mean things she did in high school, having nothing to do with romance. Stephanie was never his type, to put it mildly. Too short, for one.

    What I find funny is that when the Hamilton Township Police Department responded to the library on that Saturday, Stephanie and her “crew” turned tail, and cowered away.

    Amazing how the truth can be one-sided.

  9. Another bit of truth: Stephanie Peterson, the girl in question, is NOT fighting for her life. She was long since released from the hospital, and is in no danger. It is simply a ploy set forth by her camp.

  10. I don’t know why anyone would call this little pussy a bully. he type things on the internet. If anyone he was talking about was in the room he would hide in the corner and pray to whatever derangged demon he believes in for mercy. He is the type of person who spent most of high school in a locker or neck deep in a toilet, while the two jocks holding his legs in the air took turns ass ramming his sister. In short he is just a cunt, and he is the furthest thing from a bully i have ever seen. don’t let this star trek, lord of the rings loving loser get to you.

  11. I received the 5 am knock on the door that no mother should ever experience. My daughter had been killed in a single-vehicle car crash on the Garden State Parkway.

    Katy was special in so many ways. She was empathetic, friendly and smart. I have never met a child of her age that was so interested in news and politics. She aspired to a degree in law enforcement, hopefully as a State Trooper.

    In the days following her death, I searched for online memorials. This is one site that I found:


    The lead line read this:
    Katherine Frederick, 17, was an arrogant and reckless teenager who could have very easily killed an innocent motorist. Thankfully, the Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey girl killed only herself.

    Among other things, this stranger stated:
    “It’s interesting that Frederick was dating 21-year-old, despite the fact that she was a teenager. It’s a good thing for Newton that New Jersey’s age of consent is 16, because the only reason that a guy and girl would hang out together, especially at that hour, is sex. I mean she does look like she’s nothing more than a cum dumpster.”

    All of this, from a “man” who nothing of me, my daughter or her family and friends.

    Take a look at some of the other items on his website. If any of this angers or upsets you as much as it does, me, please share your feelings with Mr. Crook.

    Michael Crook
    PO Box 265
    Ocean City, NJ 08226-0265
    United States
    +1 609.829.3152

    I believe his home address is
    Michael S. Crook
    6104 Hoover Dr
    Mays Landing, NJ 08330

  12. Mike Delaney-Vogel

    OakCrest High School

    Caught in 10th grade with male on male pornagraphic material


  13. I just wrote to M&Ms (Mars Company) to alert them to the fact that this horrible person is getting income from using an ad for them on his hate-filled site. I hope they stop him. Maybe everyone should write to all of the advertisers on his site.

  14. a boy named james volpe died in my town last night. thiss fucking asshole said they were on drugs then mocked us for having a candle light vigil for him. this man is truely a terrible person

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