Had a Blast at Lunch 2.0

Robert Scoble and Kristopher TateRobert Scoble and Kristopher Tate Hosted on Zooomr

Had a blast hanging out at Lunch 2.0 down at Hitachi Data Systems today. Jeremiah Owyang was our host and had a very succesful turnout. All in more than 200 people showed up to check out a bunch of great companies.

It was good catching up with lots of great friends. Gabe Rivera from TechMeme was there and Robert Scoble (who plans on releasing the video of our photo walk over at PodTech probably next week). Andy Frazer, one of my favorite photographers, came by and we got to talk a little bit about some of the night photography he’s been doing lately. Andy is amazing and you should definitely check out his work. Vic Podcaster did an interview with Kristopher and me about Zooomr. Laughing Squid Scott Beale was there with his camera in tow. Shel Israel got a great meta shot of me shooting some laughing squid stickers. And a bunch of great companies Box.net, Riya, Zvents, Zazzle and my favorite music service Pandora just to name a few.

It was great talking to Tom Conrad about Pandora and learning more about why and how it works. Pandora is a kick ass music service and my favorite place to listen to music right now.

There were so many great people and I know I left a ton out.

We had a great time showing people Zooomr and talking about the future of photo sharing in general.

People seemed to really like the Zooomr feature of showing who was in a photo as well as our Portals and geotagging features.

I uploaded a few shots of the event as it was happening but have a ton more to still edit and post later on tonight. Here is my initial small set that will be a lot bigger hopefully later tonight.

Thanks again to Jeremiah and Hitachi Data Systems for being such gracious hosts and for providng the great free lunch.

Update: Scott Beale’s shots here.

Update #2: Holly has a video of the event here.

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