Bomb Scare on Market Street

Bomb Scare on Market Street, #6

Market Street was shut down today at The Federal Reserve Building here in San Francisco as police responded to a bomb scare with a suitcase that had been left on the corner next to the Federal Building. In the end it all turned out ok and it appears some hapless tourist most likely accidently left his luggage on the corner next to a federal building.

Memo to self: The next time I set my luggage down on the corner, don’t walk away from it.

I think they are Xraying the luggage or something here to determine if there’s anything dangerous inside. How would you like to be the guy who gets the call that his luggage had been found?

You can see the entire set of photos here.

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  1. Dave Zatz says:

    Cool! Well not cool there was a bomb scare, but cool you photographed it (and cool it was a false alarm)!

  2. AaronM says:

    That one cop in the first picture looks pissed you are taking his picture. 🙂 Also what is that sticker on the bottom of the luggage, it says “Live …” Did they put it there? Does it say “Live Chickens,” Live Kidney,” “Live Explosives,” or what? 🙂

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Not sure what that sticker is, but it was there before the took the case so I assume it was already on it.

    Yeah, cops don’t always like it when you are photographing them in public, but the law is cleary on your side as a citizen journalist to cover them and shoot them.