Yahoo’s Go TV, Wow!

Yahoo!'s New Go TV

Just got back from the Yahoo! tent where I was able to see their new Go TV that they announced today. Wow. This thing looks alot like Media Center in a lot of ways. It records TV with a TV Tuner. It lets you see slide shows of all your photos *AND* almost full screen slide shows of your Flickr photos, favorites, friends, etc. (I say almost because there is a little purple Yahoo! bar at the bottom of the screen when doing full screen slide shows but the Yahoo! rep I spoke with said that this will be able to be minimized away in a future version. It allows you access to Yahoo! music services or your own mp3 library. It allows you to see movie trailers and theater info near you from Yahoo! Movies (not in high def yet). It allows you to see a bunch of long tail video including a service that ranks the top 10 or so videos each day and highlights those on a main page. You can also search for long tail video content but I was told that there are no RSS feed or RSS search feed capibilities yet.

And it works on any Media Center or XP Windows PC.

Like I said, Wow. From seemingly out of nowhere. And the price? FREE. I’m sure somebody’s going to need to pay for all that bandwidth from those high res full screen Flickr slide shows (and it’s probably not Flickr with a $25 per year subscription). My guess is that this is more an added feature to pull you in to all the content where advertising and things like music subscription services pay for the feature.

Very cool. I plan to do a more complete post on my full day today and will post a bunch more Flickr photos when I finish up tonight but am off to the Orb party with Ian Dixon here in a few minutes.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This explains where the software came from:

    Yahoo buys Meedio an HTPC software development company

  2. Anonymous says:

    Media Portal is garbage. Like most FOSS, it will do what you want it to, if you want to spend hours futzing with the configuration. If you want it to just work, good luck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    MediaPortal is garbage? I beg to differ. It didn’t take me hours “futzing” to get it working… as opposed to Meedio NEVER getting their crap tv module working.. that a lot of people actually paid for. May be it’s just your lack of knowledge that kept you from doing anything beyond picking your nose. It isn’t going to get any better either, now that it will just become an ad conveyor for yahoo… free indeed