A New Media Center Community, Remotely Cool

RemotelyCool – Index Remotelycool looks to be a new community forum similar to the Green Button that has been set up for Media Center users. I just found it today and it looks like it’s welcome message was set up today so I haven’t had a chance to explore it yet. Very remotely cool.

From the welcome message:

Welcome to RemotelyCool, a new community for Windows Media Center Edition enthusiasts and developers!

I developed this site because I recently built my first MCE machine, and became frustrated with the frequent errors and extremely slow load times in some of the more well-known forums. I also found the number of forums and categories at some of these sites to be overwhelming and needlessly segregated, making it difficult for users to know where to post questions or items of interest. It furthermore complicated things by forcing users to check for new posts in upwards of 20 seperate categories, which, when coupled with the site sluggishness, became unbearable for me. Finally, some functions at a more popular site do not work in Firefox browsers – like the search feature – and even when it does work there are ongoing complaints about it’s functionaility. (I personally got script errors all the time.)

So I hope this can be a place where those who love MCE can begin communicating on a more organized and convenient level.

Please let me know your thoughts and concerns, and I’ll try to address them and be as responsive as possible.”

Of course the more popular site that the author mentions but does not name alludes to The Green Button, to date the most significant Media Center community which has been plagued by speed problems, Firefox support problems and RSS problems in the past few months.

It looks like the guy who started it is names Patrick and is a 26 year old male from Tampa Florida. Other than that I don’t have any info on the site.

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  1. If you wan’t to know anything let me know!

    Yes, I’m talking about the green button. It is a mountain to overcome when it comes to content and history, but I plan to make up for that by aggressively marketing RemotelyCool, and being responsive to user needs and requests. After all, that’s what makes a community a community.

    For the five most recent posts, the RSS feed is:


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