Podcasters, meet Fruitcast

Podcasters, meet Fruitcast ? Solution Watch: Interesting. Fruitcast appears to be trying to be the Google Adsense of podcasting. “dcasters can signup to the service for free, add your podcast to the podcast directory, and then simply change your feed to point to your new Fruitcast RSS feed. Fruitcast will then stick a small 10 to 15 second long advertisement message that is simple and unobtrusive to the beginning or end of your podcast (possibly both). When your podcast gets listened to, you will then earn money from an advertiser that has been accepted to place an ad on your podcast. The amount that you will get is determined by the advertisers bidding on your podcast with a starting bid of $0.10 cents. So far, I have seen ranges from $0.10 cents to $0.25 cents per download, which is an excellent range considering that if you have nice amount of listeners, you can generate a steady cashflow. Fruitcast gives the following as an example, $0.25 per episode 500 listeners 10 episodes per month 12 months in a year = $15,000 annually. That is an excellent amount and it is even better knowing that you earn it from your podcasts.”

Thanks, Jonathan!