Will JupiterMedia Pass Corbis in Stock Photography?

Stock Photo Talk | Special Interest Blog: Hello Corbis: That�s it! Getty Images is the largest stock photo agency in the world. Bill Gate’s Corbis is the 2nd largest. But quickly climbing on a spree of library acquisitions is Alan Meckler and JupiterMedia’s JupiterImages. Stock Photo Talk suggests that if JupiterMedia continues the aggressive acquisitions that possibly in the next 12-15 months they could pass up Corbis to become the new number two on the block.

Corbis would be smart to leverage a relationship with Microsoft and look for a way increase their image library through the burgeoning amateur digital photography thing going on right now. A joint venture between Microsoft and Corbis to build a premium online photo sharing service ala Flickr — including a big photo contest kick off with Vista plus a whole host of other ways to integrate a service like this with Microsoft properties seems like a no-brainer. Quite frankly I’m surprised that Corbis is sitting on their laurels when there is so much opportunity at present and there are so many ways to integrate and partner with Microsoft.