Remixing Warhol, Ron English, Son of Pop

Artist Ron English

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the opening of Ron English’s latest show at Varnish in San Francisco titled Son of Pop. Laughing Squid pal Scott Beale had blogged about the show earlier in the week and as I’m a huge Andy Warhol fan I thought I’d check it out.

For my complete photo coverage of the show check out: Remixing Warhol, Ron English Son of Pop. If you’d rather see a faster loading version of the show photos check out my Son of Pop set at Flickr.

English basically borrows images, styles and printing techniques from Warhol and gives them his own reinterpretation — the results are fantastic. If you are anywhere near San Francisco you should stop and check his work out.

English might be better known as the artist behind the recent Billboard fun by the Billboard Liberation Front across the street from the McDonalds up on Haight Street that Laughing Squid also nicely covered earlier this week as well. The re-re-engineered billboard carried the “To Serve Man” title (some of you may remember the old Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” where you find out that the book left behind by supposedly friendly aliens turns out to be a cook book).

Pedro Carvajal did a documentary on English recently called The Art and Crimes of Ron English that was shown this year at the Seattle International Film Festival.

Varnish is really one of the best places in town for interesting art at the moment. The gallery has wonderful lighting, an open photography policy and a nice wine bar downstairs. Last night I enjoyed a nice crisp white Italian wine while shooting the show.

Update: Scott has some great photos of the opening as well over at Laughing Squid.

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