Tomorrows Internetworks Promise to be More Eclectic

The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Via the Internet, TV’s future promises to be more eclectic

Internetwork: n. A new type of internet based niche video broadcaster focused on producing and delivering video programming over the internet as opposed to traditional television networks who deliver content by satellite, cable, over the air transmission, or microwave relay.

“the internetworks compete to broadcast diverse and important long tail micro content with traditional television networks”

Jeremy Allalire, Founder of the upcoming new internetwork Brightcove, was profiled recently in the Seattle Times — well, Jeremy along with “hog cooking.”

What do Brightcove and hog cooking have in common? Well, not a whole hell of a lot except that Brightcove just might be one of the new internetworks that are rapidly emerging to bring you this type of riveting new content. DaveTV is the internetwork that will actually be bringing you hog cooking but don’t be surprised to see similar types of offerings from Brightcove or any number of the other long tail players that are rapidly emerging. “The hog video will be on the company’s “BBQ” channel, featuring more than 1,000 barbecue-related programs.”

So hog cooking is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, there will be something else equally obscure that is. Take a second right now and think about it. Is there some little thing that you are passionate about? Some sport, some hobby, something your kids do, blogging, podcasting, some place or time or person or language, or… well you get the idea.

In the next few years, platforms from companies like TiVo and Microsoft (through their Media Center Edition software) will make these new networks increasingly available in your living room. Other companies will pop up to complement the internetworks and offer great business opportunities in the world of search and other ancilary businesses like closed captioning to make the content available on internetworks more manageable.

Some of the early internetworks include Brightcove, DaveTV, Total Vid, Akimbo, Open Media Network, and Our Media. Some of the interesting upcoming search tools companies include CozmoTV and Chicago Captioning.

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