Dave Matthews Crashes Your PC

Om Malik?s Broadband Blog � Dave Matthews Stand Up & Crash Your PC Om Malik blogs that Dave Matthews new CD is said to be crashing PCs due to crap software (I’m sure somehow DRM related) that the CD wants to install on your computer. As Om puts it, “Yet another example of record companies who are doing dumb things, in order to save their coke-snorting, martini swilling, price-gouging business model, that no longer works.”

Last year I bought a Dave Matthews CD and was disappointed when I found that I couldn’t rip it to my PC. Do you know what I did? I took the CD back and got my money back. Well, that, and I don’t listen to Dave Matthews much anymore. The guy’s a prick and I hope this backfires on him. Either 1. he’s behind this kind of crap and supportive of it or 2. he’s not man enough to stand up to his record company and call BS. Either way, not someone I care much to listen to anymore.

This is the same Dave Matthews by the way that asked the Internet Archive to remove their live shows from their servers. Way to alienate your fans Dave.