iTunes on Your TiVo

TiVo looks for an edge | CNET CNET is out with an article on the latest TiVo HME plug in, iTunes on your TiVo. Although TiVo already has a way to play your digital music on your Series 2 network enabled TiVo (although unfortunately not with their Series 1 or DirecTV units — yes I know, I know, save your breath it’s not TiVo’s fault, etc. etc. et. al) this plug in seems to be specific to the iTunes library and the interface looks pretty slick.

In addition to not having a Series 2 TiVo I also don’t use iTunes either so this offering is doubly not for me. But for those of you rare birds out there who have both a Series 2 TiVo and keep all of your music in iTunes and iTunes alone, you may want to check it out as an alternative to TiVo’s current set up for you.

I listen to my music with a very similar appealing interface through Media Center and Windows Media Player. This is a very satisfying experience except for the slow response time for my large digital library (which is being worked on at Microsoft and hopefully will improve in the future).

This plug in is some pretty interesting eye candy though. I’d be interested in how it handles large digital libraries for anyone who tries it out. It is kind of cool that CNET picked a Death Cab for Cutie screen shot to show off the technology. I love that band.