Future of TV Panel Discussion

Yoav’s Space: Future of TV panel discussion: Yoav Shapira has an interesting recap of a Panel discussion on the future of TV with Sean McGrail, president of NESN, Stephen van Beaver, General Partner of PilotHouse Ventures, James Kelso, VP at SeaChange International, and Randy Waddell, VP at Comcast.

The recap discusses DVRs vs. VOD and talks about the eventual explosion of content that you will find available in your living room very shortly.

“They (the panelists) were also of the opinion that DVRs will be irrelevant within a few years, as cable operators put virtually all content ever created as not only video on demand, but freely available VoD! Comcast already has more than 6000 hours of VoD from popular shows, and 90% of it is freely available.”

Interesting, wish I could have been there and heard it. Thanks for blogging it Yoav.

Now when will micro content become so commonplace that I can find an actual podcast of this panel discussion? Doug Kaye and IT Conversations have only scratched the tip of the iceberg with their excellent podcasts of conferences, symposiums and lectures.

When will recording and publishing podcasts be so simple that every small panel everywhere in the world will be available for me to download? No dish on Adam Curry, but I’d much rather listen to this panel discussion on my way home than him and I can only take so much searching at Podcast Alley.

Hopefully Ev and Odeo can do for podcasting and audio publishing what Blogger did for blogging. Once I listen to Ian Dixon’s Media Center Podcast and everything of interest on IT Conversations all I’m left with is catching up with that annoying guy Todd at Geek News Central (not that this is a bad thing and just kidding about the annoying guy part of course Todd! You’ve got a great show).

So here’s my personal ad for the week:

Obsessive overly enthusiastic non-smoking digital technology geek with a Canon EOS 10D, IBM ThinkPad T40, AudioVox SMT 5600 and a great personality, mid 30’s, articulate, witty, biased and glib, seeks digital media podcast of substance. Enjoys candlelight dinners, walks on the beach, John Coltrane, HDTV, white Burgundies from Montrachat, full-bodied Napa cabs, Robert Scoble, and watching video webcasts of Bill Gates giving keynote speeches at conferences. Influences include Ian Dixon and IT Conversations, TiVo, Windows Media Player, The Green Button, The Long Tail and anything having to do with niche content. Looking for an honest, open relationship. Prefer lectures, interviews and conferences of substance on digital technology, and long meaningful chats about Longhorn. Looks unimportant.