Just in Time for Your Holiday Shopping, Target Now Selling Crack and Marijuana

Micro Persuasion: Target Please Listen Steve Rubel points us to the latest hot product certain to sell out this Christmas over at Target, yup, Marijuana. And just when you thought that the only one that still gave this kind of gift was your weird stoner of a brother in law.

Seriously, Rubel thinks that this is a PR crisis brewing for the folks over at Target. I just think it’s damn funny. I took the liberty of doctoring the photo a bit as I thought it looked better with the actual product pictured instead of the “no picture available” logo.

Of course click the browse similar items tab and you can find a bong, a pipe, rolling papers, decorational roach clips and the new lighter shaped like a little dog with little red rings around his eye. Hey, what’s going on here? With that little damn dog in the mix isn’t this marketing to kids?

Jeremey Zawodny says it’s no big deal. Although I’ll wait to see what arrives in the mail now that my order has been placed. Not a bad price for pot these days.

Although Scoble makes the real point that the issue here is that Target is not following their brand in the blog and online world. After spending, I’m sure, millions of dollars perfecting their image to the world, the fact that Target can’t have the college intern do a little blog reconnaissance seems like they just don’t get it. Then again maybe they do have the college intern on the case but he’s just too stoned out of his mind to pick it up.

Of course then again it is the weekend and we will see if it’s still up on Monday morning. Strange things have been going on over there at Target. Earlier this month Boing Boing pointed us to the anal massage at 10% off. It’s down now of course.

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