I had no idea the Comcast Microsoft UI looked so ugly – With Correction

Update: It appears that the images from PVR blog are not the actual new Microsoft Foundation software. The real screen shots actually look pretty fantastic and can be seen here.

PVR Comparisons | PVRblog Wow, PVR blog points us to a site that collects screen shots of the various UIs from PVRs out there today and man I had no idea that Comcast/Microsoft PVR would look so terrible. Geez. MCE looks so beautiful and is so elegantly arranged I thought you’d at least get something close. I guess you still get what you pay for to a certain degree.

I sure hope it was the folks at Comcast doing the design on this one instead of the folks at Microsoft.

Is anybody out there able to confirm the size of the hard drive that is in the Comcast/Microsoft unit?