Scoble gets it right in his message to Bill Gates.

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Great stuff as always Scoble. You are right on the money. It’s about content. People want to create. Google got it really right with buying Blogger. Microsoft should have beaten them to this and bought Blogger first.

As significantly as it’s about creating content it’s about freeing the content and opening it all up to access with powerful new tools including search and RSS and all of it.

One of the only problems though is that at present it seems that the Gates/Ballmer line is to try and help the media companies continue to lock up content. Forget about their money Bill, it’s not significant. It’s pennies. Focus on providing the user with the ability to get all content… even the media company content and you will sell millions and millions of software licenses which is a far more lucrative business. Use the technolgy to make all media everywhere truly free and Longhorn will sell like crazy.

Feed the ecosystem the content it craves. Use your money and your power and your clout to get current copyright laws changed to favor the user. The democracy will support it and it will make you extremely politically popular. Take the people’s voice on this and sacrafice up the media conglomerate and become their hero and sell millions and millions of copies of software as a result. If you can get the populace’s attention and convince them that this is a good thing for their TV (really important to the populace) like the betamax then you can get the attention of the lawmakers and effect real change… and sell millions and millions of copies of software.