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I absolutely HATE linking to the New York Times as they require registration and the articles go behind their wall of free news after about a week, but, that being said, the Microsoft PR machine has been set in motion with the launch of their new MCE 2005 this week in Los Angeles. This post will serve as continued coverage.

Update: Ok, the coverage today was pretty massive from the mainstream media. All of the links are below.

Some highlights and lowlights.

I can’t believe that the best the Mercury News, Silicon Valley’s premier newspaper, can come up with is a regurgitated Bloomberg story. They subsequently posted the AP story instead of writing their own. Things must be tight at the Merc. Update: Ok this morning they have their original story up. Better late than never.

It’s nice to see the bloggers come out of the woodwork. Michael Creasy did a nice write up as did MCE program manager Matt Goyer. Still waiting for Andy Vanosdale to post though. The last we got from him was from yesterday, “Are you ready… I said, Are You Ready?” Yes Andy, we are ready, so give it to us.

Peter Near provided a great recap of the launch itself and CNET has pictures of the event as well as some of the better indepth coverage on MCE 2005. CNET also did a nice commentary piece. They were probably the best mainstream news source on coverage today.

Paul Thurrott continues his detailed analysis of Microsoft products.

Joe Wilcox had a couple of good articles out today.

Joshua Schipmann did a very long but very interesting review as well as showed you how you can completely change the feel of your MCE by incorporating skins. Very cool.

PC Magazine review a lot of the new units.

Are they really spending $20 BILLION?!?! Somebody tell me that’s a typo. Didn’t they spend like $1 Billion marketing XBox? A few articles pick up on that big $20 Billion number.

Slashdot has the most indepth comments from the tech masses with their usual anti-Microsoft feel. One of the comments that I thought was especially insightful though was a little bit of a TiVo bash, “I don’t understand the slashdot crowd??? Software has spyware and you guys go ape****. Yet this hardware was able to determine the number of people who rewound the Janet Jackson clip and you guys give it a pass. Is spyware ok now?”

The Washington Post had good coverage and actually mentioned the Thomas Hawk review and coverage.

The Register and Inquirer ring in as usual. I can’t stand either of those publications.

Engadget does a much better job covering it than Gizmodo including an actual mp3 link of the launch. I think I saw something about Engadget passing up Gizmodo in readership a ways back. Good work Peter.

PVR Blog has some nice articles.

Those are some of the highlights and lowlights but there are many more articles that were out today including all of the standard players, New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, AP, etc. as well as many of the tech news sites.

Microsoft’s Official MCE 2005 site

My own review

Peter Near’s Excellent Coverage

CNET’s Full Coverage

Mercury News Article

Business Week article

More from Engadget, including an mp3 of the launch talk by Bill Gates

I can’t believe that all theThe Mercury News can come up with is the reguritated Bloomberg Story. Come on guys, you are in the heart of Silicon Valley

CNET’s Commentary

CRN. The angle from an OEM’s perspective.

CNET has an article about the prices coming down on MCE machines

The Mercury News’ stellar coverage. Straight from AP, how original.

I like how in Australia they refer to it as a “lounge room push” instead of “living room push.” Australian IT

Engadget shows you where you can buy a standalone copy of the software

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, Photos of the launch event from CNET

Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows

MCE 2005 Features, First Take, by Joe Wilcox

Media Center Changes Beyond Features, by Joe Wilcox

MSNBC’s article complete with a nice picture of Bill Gates

Blurb from the Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Hollywood Reporter

Microsoft Stretches Reach of Digital Entertainment, eweek

AFP Article via Yahoo! News

Tom’s Hardware Guide

Internet News

Engadget Reviews the new Gateway 820GM Media Center PC

Media Center 2005 by Joshua Schipmann, thanks to the Unofficial Microsoft Weblog

PVR Blog, Niveus adds HDTV/Media Center XP 2005 to Denali

Game PC’s Review

Engadget, All the New Media Center PCs

PC Magazine, The Home PC Perfected

PC Magazine Reviews the HP Media Center Photosmart PC m1050y Series

PC Magazine Reviews HP Extender Unit

CBS Market Watch

Dow Jones Story

Extreme Tech, Media Center PC 2010, The $20 Billion Research Project

Microsoft Opens Windows to the Home, ZD Net

Engadget Reporting that XM Satellite will be included in MCE

Washington Post Coverage

Another Publication I hate, The Inquirer

Reuters Launch Story

Joe Wilcox, The Windows Marketplace

Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required)

IT, Microsoft Aims High with Media Center Update

Keralanext, Microsoft sets aside $20bn to establish media software clout

Forbes, Third Times the Charm

Revolution, Microsoft’s TV dream moves closer with $20bn launch

Neowin on the official Media Center 2005 Theme (Royale)

PC World, Microsoft to Announce Media Center OS Update

More from Engadget on the “Plays for Sure” technology via MCE

USA Today Article

Slashdot picked it up

CNET’s article

The Reuters Story

I can’t stand The Register

Tech World News, Microsoft Wires XP to TV with Media Center

Slashdot Covers a New Media Center Bathroom Extender

ZD Net, Why Microsoft’s Media Center is Stuck on the Edge

PVR Blog

New York Times Article

Seattle Times Article

Tech News World

News Factor

Investor’s Business Daily



The Official AP Story

CNET’s Early Story

Engadget’s Early Story

PVR Blog’s Early Story

Gizmodo’s Early Coverage

Microsoft MCE Blogger Matt Goyer

Microsoft MCE Blogger Sean Alexander

Microsoft MCE Blogger Michael Creasy

Microsoft MCE Blogger Bojana Ostojic

Microsoft MCE Blogger Tim Ahlers

Mark Salloway’s MCE Blog

Andy Vanosdale’s Blog

The Green Button

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