Market Bar in the new Ferry Building

Market Bar is an interesting concept. Each day they buy their ingredients from the local merchants in the Ferry Building food court and prepare seasonal dishes based on the purchased ingredients. The result is a mixed bag. I have had some simply delicious dishes there as well as some that were good, but just adequate. Because the menu changes so frequently with the seasonality of the Ferry Building merchants, it makes it hard to find a favorite dish Ė but itís also fun to have a constantly changing menu as well. Probably the standout that Iíve had there so far has been an heirloom tomato soup to die for. I had no idea that tomato soup could ever taste that good. Iíd stay away from the pizzas, but the cooked sandwiches seem to be consistently good as well.

The restaurant has an inviting outdoor seating area and does take reservations which are typically needed as it seems to be pretty full every day. With the fancy ingredients from the Ferry Building merchants you may need your waiter to decipher a few of the the dishes for you but itís always nice to learn about new foods and ingredients.

Initially when Market Bar service first opened earlier last year I thought the service was poor and without shutters on their windows the blazing hot sun could cook you during your lunch. But since getting the kinks worked out (shutters are now up on the windows to keep the heat out on hot days) the service has improved considerably.

One Ferry Building, The Embarcadero at Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 415-434-1100

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