REM’s Peter Buck gives away iPods filled with music to his friends.

PC Pro – Computing in the Real World According to an interview in the Guardian, Peter Buck of REM fame gave every person who worked on the band’s latest album an iPod filled with tunes that he thought each of them needed to hear.

So it takes a lot of music to fill up an iPod. The question is did Buck really actually buy all of the individual tracks for each and every iPod and then destroy the original copy? Or did he keep a copy for himself after transferring a copy on an iPod for a friend or just transfer them from his own digital library? And would it be fair use if he did? My own opinion is that this would fall under fair use. Assuming an iPod holds 10,000 or so tracks then did Buck really give $10,000 iPods to everyone who worked on his latest record or perhaps he fudged just a little and used some of same tracks twice or from his own personal digital library.

Personally I think it is really cool and personal of him to do this and it reminds me back of when I used to make mix tapes for friends back in the pre-digital world.

I’m not sure we will ever know but it would be nice to hear Buck on this. I posted to the message board on the subject and will follow up if I hear back. It sure would be refreshing to see an artist of Buck’s stature stand up for fair use. Via largehearted boy.