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Photo Talk Plus Episode 24, With Special Guest Petra Cross

Petra Cross is an amazing photographer who does fantastic still photography as well as stop motion, time lapse and video work. Below are Part 1 and Part 2 of our show from last night. We had to split the show into two parts because of audio issues. In the first part we talk about various Google+ photography related news. In the second part we interview Petra. Check them out!

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Photo Talk Plus, Episode 24, LIVE Tonight with Special Guest Petra Cross

Join us tonight at 8PM Pacific on Vidcast Network for EP24 with wonderful guest, Petra Cross. Petra is a Googler and photographer who has been making some really interesting stop motion videos lately. The one above chronicles her trip to Paris – wow, 2000 photos in only 3 minutes! During the show tonight, we’ll share her most recent video that gives us the Google+ Photographer’s Conference experience in one quick slice. We’ll also talk to Petra about her photography and more. Joining us is a wonderful panel including cohost Lotus Carroll, photographers Juan Gonzalez, Mark Esguerra, Julie Jamison, Shannon S. Myers, and Keith Barrett of Vidcast Network.

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Photo Talk Plus Episode 17 with Special Guest Star Rush

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Photo Talk Plus, Episode 19, with Special Guest Jeffrey Sullivan

Thanks to all who participated last night in this wonderful interview of landscape photographer Jeffrey Sullivan.

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Double Good Luck

What a GREAT show tonight. We’re interviewing +Star Rush and talking about the new Google+ layout, the Facebook Instagram deal and much, much more. We’re also giving away a year of Pro on SmugMug to one person in the chat room during the broadcast. Come hangout tonight at 8PM Pacific Time on the Vidcast Network here!

Along with my cohost +Lotus Carroll, we have a great lineup of panelists including +Andrea Acailawen +Sam Breach +Daniel Milnor +Keith Barrett and +Petra Cross

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Photo Talk Plus Episode 15, With Special Guest NPPA Attorney Mickey Osterreicher, TONIGHT 8PM PST LIVE!

Photo Talk Plus LIVE Tonight 8PM PST!!!! with Special Guest Mickey Osterreicher, General Counsel National Press Photographers Association.

Well we have a GREAT show lined up for you tonight. Mickey Osterreicher is the General Counsel for the National Press Photographers Association and is well versed on the nuances of various photography related legal issues. Come listen to an update on the legal hotspots for photographers, including your legal right to photograph the police vs. wiretapping laws that have been in the press lately.

This will be a great chance for you to ask questions live in our chatroom from a real lawyer working in this important area of the law.

Joining myself and co-host Lotus Carroll tonight will be panelists Dave Cohen (from Google Photos), Carlos Miller (who is currently defending his third arrest for photography and runs the excellent blog Photography is Not a Crime), Sandra Parlow, Tamara Pruessner and Vidcast Network’s Keith Barrett.

In addition to our interview with Mickey, well talk about how to find out the view counts on your photos on Google+, an update on the new photo album organization tool released this week, an update on the Google+ SXSW phototwalk in Austin and our contest for the 5D Mark II giveaway from last week that was won by Cameron Siguenza.

I’ll also have a copy of the new Plus One Collection book on hand to show everyone live on the broadcast as well. (Thanks Ivan Makarov!)

Don’t miss this exciting episode and looking forward to seeing everyone tonight in the chat room! Thanks as always to our wonderful sponsors at Drobo and SmugMug for supporting our show. Be sure to check them out at and

Photo Talk Plus, Episode 14, With Special Guest Vivienne Gucwa

Well what a great episode we had last night on Photo Talk Plus. Our special guest for this week’s episode is New York City Photographer Vivienne Gucwa. Vivienne talks about her pasion, her work as a full time NYC photographer, her camera and shooting techniques and shares where you can get some of the tastiest noodles in New York City — no joke!

Joining Cohost Lotus Carroll and myself this week are panelists Eric Cheng (from Lytro), Ricardo Lagos (from Google), Photographer Christina Lawrie Vidcast Network’s Keith Barrett (who now has a new tech show that he hosts himself on Vidcast called Tech+ Hangout) Photographer Daniel Enloe and almost Mae Hogan (Mae had a difficult time connecting to the hangout but we are so having her back in a future episode — we may have Mae back in May, just kidding, hopefully next week).

Congratulations to Cameron Siguenza who won a Canon 5D Mark II courtesy of SmugMug during this broadcast. Other topics include the new Lightroom 4, the Canon 5D Mark III, an update on SmugMug’s new Awesomize Camera Awesome and information from Eric Cheng on the new Lytro camera and some upcoming photowalks.

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Photo Talk Plus, Episode 13, With Special Guest Robert Scoble

Wow, what a great episode for camera tech episode 13 was for Photo Talk Plus In this episode we talk with the one and only Robert Scoble about the latest trends emerging in camera technology. Topics include the latest and hottest new iPhone Camera App Camera Awesome, the new Lytro lightfield camera, the Canon 5D Mark III, 3D camera technology and more.

Cohost Lotus Carroll joins a knock out group of panelists including Natalie Villalobos from Google+, SmugMug Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Geek Don MacAskill, Camera Labs‘ Editor Gordon Laing, photographer Karen Hutton, and Vidcast Network’s Keith Barrett.

Another great episode and thanks to our sponsors SmugMug and Drobo! Be sure to check them out at and

BAMMMMM!!!!!! Photo Talk Plus, Episode 12

In this episode cohost +Lotus Carroll and myself interview the amazing G+ photographer +Teresa Stover

Teresa talks about shooting in West Virginia and shows us some of her beautiful self portrait work as well stunning landscapes and poignant underground photos of West Virginia coal miners. She talks about her history as a photographer, and both her in camera and processing techniques.

+Keith Barrett +Chris Chabot (from Google), +Niki Aguirre and +Ricardo Williams (BAMMMM!!) join as guest panelists for this great episode.

Other topics include, an update to Google+’s photo lightbox, the new +Ron Clifford +Jan Kabili Photoshop hangout show (every other Tuesday at 6pm PST), an interesting advert by Canon courtesy of your main man +Scott Jarvie an update on a massive photowalk taking place this Sunday in Los Angeles with +Trey Ratcliff and +Tom Anderson the new +Lytro camera, +Vivienne Gucwa’s new +SmugMug gallery page of prints for sale and much, much more.

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Also don’t miss this next week’s show on February 29th when we interview +Robert Scoble.

Join Us Tonight Live at 8PM for Photo Talk Plus, Episode 12 With Teresa Stover

Teresa Stover
photo by Teresa Stover.

YES YES YES YES!!! Be sure to tune in tonight and join us at 8PM PST. LIVE at

We’re going to be interviewing the one and only +Teresa Stover on +Photo Talk Plus tonight.

Joining +Lotus Carroll and I will be panelists +Chris Chabot (from Google), +Keith Barrett from +Vidcast Network, +Niki Aguirre and +Ricardo Williams.

Lots of good topics tonight including an update on +Jan Kabili and +Ron Clifford’s new Photoshop Hangout show. Thoughts on this week’s new Lightbox updates. An inspiring sunset post by +Scott Jarvie. An update on the upcoming Los Angeles Photowalk on Sunday with +Trey Ratcliff and +Tom Anderson which will probably be the biggerst G+ photowalk we’ve seen thus far. I had coffee with Trey, Tom and +Lytro’s +Eric Cheng this morning where we got to see the new Lytro camera live in action and much more. Don’t miss this great show tonight.

As usual tonight’s show is brought to you by our great friends over at +SmugMug and +Drobo. Have you seen +Vivienne Gucwa’s new SmugMug page where she is selling prints yet? It’s AWESOME! Be sure to check our great sponsors out at and