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Dec 19, 2013
Prismatic Launches iOS Version 2.0
Oct 21, 2013
Converting from Android Back to the iPhone, Initial Observations
May 3, 2013
Change is Good
Feb 29, 2012
SmugMug’s New Camera Awesome App is, Well, Awesome!
May 12, 2011
Why I’ll Probably Switch Back to an iPhone From Android When the New iPhones Come Out
Mar 18, 2011
Android Vs. iPhone 7 Months Later
Aug 3, 2010
More Thoughts on my Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone vs. the iPhone
Jul 30, 2010
12 Hours on the New Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone, Early Thoughts on the Switch from the iPhone to Android
Dec 22, 2009
If Wireless Service is Now Available on BART in the Transbay Tube, Why Can’t I Get Service?
Oct 9, 2009
Adobe Launches Free Photoshop iPhone App
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