Hey Walmart, My Wife Was Mugged in Front of Your Oakland Store Today, Thanks for Censoring My Facebook Comment

My Comment on Walmart's Facebook Page
My Comment on Walmart’s Facebook Page

Walmart Deleting My Comment on Their Facebook Page
Walmart Deleting my Comment on Walmart’s Facebook Page

Update: I asked Walmart why the censored my post and they deleted my comment simply asking for an explantation as well.

Update #2: story on reddit here. To be clear — I am not blaming Walmart that my wife was mugged. I just sort of feel that having a conversation about putting a security guard in front of a problem store with a known parking lot issue for a company that made over $4 billion last quarter is not unreasonable. I also think the store manager could have handled the situation better. I think if Walmart wanted to delete my comments on their Facebook page about public safety at one of their stores that they could have at least taken 2 seconds out of their super busy day to explain why and their rationale.

Update #3: In hindsight I feel pretty lucky actually. I googled the Oakland Walmart store and found this article where a guy was shot and almost killed in a robbery in a Walmart parking lot a few miles away less than a year ago. No wonder why the store manager didn’t want her to call the police.

Update #4: Walmart never responded directly to me over this incident although they did repost my deleted comment on their website and explained to a reporter at MSNBC that they “accidently” deleted the comment because it tripped their profanity filter. They said my use of the word assault had “ass” in it, so it accidentally was deleted.

I came home from a wonderful day at the waterpark with my two boys earlier today to some terrible news. It turns out my wife was assaulted in front of the Oakland Walmart earlier today and had her iPhone stolen. My two girls ages 6 and 8 were in the car when it took place. My wife had her hair pulled out and tried to fight with her attacker — someone stepped in to try to help (who later said he didn’t want to get involved because you never know who her attacker’s friends were) but the woman took off in a car with a group of her friends with my wife’s phone.

“We’re never shopping at Walmart again,” my six year old daughter told me as I hugged her when I came in the house. She was still shaking even though all this had happened hours earlier. They never did end up getting the lunchbox they went there to buy for my 8 year old. My wife said Walmart was the cheapest place she could find the box my daughter wanted. School supplies for four kids are expensive these days.

I think what upset my wife the most about this whole ordeal was that this happened right in front of Walmart in broad daylight. She was within 50 feet of the store entrance. She told me that it took Walmart over 15 minutes to get involved. She said that they only got involved because someone came inside and went to the customer service area to tell the manager that there was a problem outside the store.

My wife said that the assistant manager told her that she didn’t know if the security cameras in front of the store even worked. The manager apparently didn’t want to involve the police and my wife said it was only after she insisted that the manager call the police that they were called. According to my wife the police viewed Walmart’s security camera footage, but the footage wasn’t clear enough to get a license plate number on the attacker’s car.

Apparently this Walmart has quite a reputation for being a bad place to shop. It’s review on Yelp has 2 stars with 178 ratings. Way more people have rated it 1 star (worst) than anything though. It’s reviews are littered with words like sketchy, seedy, scary. The reviews mention the problems in the parking lot over and over again. You’d think Walmart would consider putting a security guard in front a store with such problems.

I guess what especially bothers me though is that when I posted about this bad experience in a comment on Walmart’s Facebook page, how quickly it was censored away. It didn’t last more than about 10 minutes (see screenshots above) before they deleted it off the page. Did they try to contact me? No. Did they respond to my complaint in any way? No. Instead they just deleted it. They certainly had time to read it, delete it, but not the time nor care to even acknowledge that something terrible happened to one of their customers at one of their stores today.

Social media is supposed to be about having honest conversations. It’s supposed to be about customers and companies interacting in real and meaningful ways. Simply deleting comments by anyone who does not tell you how *AWESOME* Walmart is the opposite of this.

I guess maybe my six year old is right after all. Maybe we really aren’t ever shopping at Walmart ever again. Thanks for the censorship Walmart, it felt really great after today’s wonderful experience at your shitty Oakland store.

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  1. Sime says:

    Hey Thomas, glad your missus is OK, glad the girls are OK, sorry to hear Walmart failed – reposted on G+

    –Simon [ @thinkTankPhoto ]

  2. gabe says:

    I just shared this page with both the Walmart fb page and the Oakland Walmart fb page .Both were deleted within a couple minutes.

  3. Hey Thomas- So sorry to hear about this incident…and the censorship.
    Did you also do any tweets about it? Walmart can’t censor those right? I keep hearing that twitter is the fast track to “real” customer service for some of these big companies – if you have a large reach.

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Jonathan, yeah I put it on twitter too and some people are retweeting it. http://goo.gl/5yiOs

  5. JJ Brawley says:

    I recommend that this be shared on EVERY Walmart page by as many people as possible. 😉

  6. So sorry to hear about this, Thomas.

    Best wishes to your family and I hope you keep forging ahead with art and activism.

  7. Thomas Hawk says:

    JJ Brawley, I did put a link to this blog post back on Facebook’s page. No doubt it will be deleted shortly though.

  8. Kari Sinkko says:

    That is just rubbish! They (Walmart) should be ashamed about their inaction and flies in the face of everything that their ethical standards have in place for that company. You should at least receive a letter of apology or a sttement to that effect. “Personal and moral integrity is one of our basic fundamentals and it has to start with each of us.” -Sam Walton founder. Source:http://ethics.walmartstores.com/StatementofEthics/MSGfromCEO.aspx

  9. Yes I’m not surprise, it did happened to me at the same damn store. my android that I had just bought got stolen, my damn wallet was taken, I was paralyzed I didn’t even wanted to fight back. I was to scared those people might hurt me. Anyways I talked to the manager he didn’t do shit obviously, he didn’t call the police, they took forever to arrive.

    Now I hate Walmart but not only for that also because this: http://www.businessinsider.com/16-walmart-facts?op=1

  10. Matt says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. You know darn well they have cameras all over the inside of the stores. The lack of empathy and concern is pathetic. I’m glad your wife and children are OK.

  11. Mike Panic says:

    This is terrible. In my own bad experiences with large companies, I’ve actually found the only way to get their attention and hold them accountable is via social networking. I’ve had to put GoDaddy on blast several times via Twitter because their contact forms usually take 12-36 hours for the most simply of replies. I’ve since been switching every domain I host with them to name.com as they expire.

    Hopefully with the reach you have, they will properly address this situation and you and your family can put this horrible experience behind you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    According to the Walmart documentary I saw, the parking lot cameras are not for customer protection. Instead, they are devoted to keeping track of unionization efforts on company property. 🙁 One of the many reasons why I never shop there.

  13. Perry says:

    Thomas, I am glad your family is safe. I feel bad that your children had to witness their mom being attacked.

  14. Dan Malabuyo says:

    I’m sorry to hear that about your wife and kids. I wouldve honestly beat those prople down in a jiffy if i saw that happening in front of me. Especially in Oakland. We stopped shopping at Walmart years ago and settled with Target in the Pleasant Hill area. Maybe consider relocating to a nicer neighborhood especially since you have kids. Again, i’m sorry and i hope that no one will ever shop at Walmart again, period.

  15. Jeff N. says:

    Maybe not shopping there? Are you kidding? Why would you ever support that kind of place with that type of environment, just to save a few bucks? Seriously, I’d rather buy from the Taliban than those bastards.

  16. kimberly says:

    posting this at all review sites…this is crazy and so sad. I hope ur family is well

  17. Mike McGrath says:

    I posted this to Walmart’s FB page. It was removed in seconds. What a PR Fail.

  18. Anna Rowe says:

    If you want a response from Walmart, contact the corporate office in Arkansas. I have and that was the only way I was able to get satisfaction with my complaint. Also the individual stores use contracted security guards at the discretion of that store’s manager, but the corporate office can put pressure on them to change their policy. Wal-mart’s Facebook page is probably handled by an public relations firm and not the corporation, so call the main office and complain until you get satisfaction.

  19. Dr. Syn says:

    Here’s the problem I have with your theory that they are “simply deleting comments by anyone who does not tell you how *AWESOME* Walmart is.” Read the comment at the top of your screenshot. Does that seem pro-Walmart to you?

  20. Thomas Hawk says:

    Dr. Syn, so why delete my comment then?

  21. Will says:

    Awful awful awful. Very sorry to see this.

  22. Michael Hawk says:

    Thomas – very sorry to hear this, but I’m very happy that no one was seriously hurt. Walmart is so hit and miss these days – I’m not sure that I’ll set foot in one again.

  23. alex says:

    Wal-Mart turned to crap soon after Sam Walton passed away, the family just wanted to cash in, and ever since, pretty much every aspect that made the stores nice places to shop went right down the toilet!!!

  24. Julian says:

    and how do we know you didn’t delete your own comment.
    why would you have taken a ‘before’ picture… it’s as if you expected your comment to be deleted.

  25. Don says:

    I’m pretty sure that it’s Oakland’s fault, not Walmart.

  26. Captain Kundalini says:

    Walmart AND Denny’s are both dangerous places where criminals hang out.

  27. Michael Parks says:

    Very glad your wife and children were not hurt and I think you helped my decision to shop elsewhere. We’ve had our share of incidents at walmart too that did not get resolved in a timely manner. Not surprised your post got deleted.

  28. Jason North says:

    As others have told you, glad your family are safe, even though they are shaken up a bit. Walmart is not a cool place to shop, do a Google Search on “Violence, or Abductions at Walmart stores”. I know a Las Vegas Casino that was sued ten years ago for not providing enough light, and security. The plaintiff settled out of court, hope that’s some help!

  29. This is the type of news that absolutely discourages me. What the hell has happened to us as a society? Apathy all around. I’m so sorry to learn of this Thomas, but am glad your wife and children are safe. Walmart’s response to this on FB speaks volumes. (And just for the record, had I been in that parking and witnessed this… I would have been on my cell immediately to dial 911)

  30. Gordon Laing says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this Thomas, but I’m also relieved your wife and girls are okay. Send them our best.

    It’s no bad thing never to shop at Walmart again.

  31. John says:

    Thomas – As you pointed out – Your family is safe and the only thing missing from your life is a piece of technology – It could have easily have been far far worse for your loved ones – deceased, injured, kidnapped, etc. The phone can be replaced – Your family can not. I hope the Police can trace the phone and find the idiots responsible for this senseless attack. I do recommend a “Not so nice” letter to the WALMART Corp. Office – It won’t get you property back – but it may put the Manager at the store in question in for a little explaining.

  32. JV says:

    I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of constructive feedback by this point, so all I wanna say is FUCK WALMART, and I hope your family is okay.

  33. David Connor says:

    There is a distinct lack of humanity in many businesses these days. They live behind ivory towers when it suits them and then proclaim to be ‘human’ in legal battles when confronted with real issues.

    I think a range of ‘I got mugged at Walmart’ t-shirts, mugs and merchandise is needed!

  34. Matt Kaiser says:

    So I decided to post this to Walmart’s Facebook page as well. My post has been up there about 15 minutes so far and no deletion or anything. However, I “reported a problem” on their feedback tab thing. I’m just going out on a limb here, but they may not be able to delete things posted here because it is an app (you have to allow the “Feedback” app to post on there but I removed it immediately afterwards). That or nobody is on right now to delete it. Here’s the link, and hopefully you’ll still see my post there. (Mine would be the one accusing them of corporate incompetence, by the way. Which, in hindsight, may or may not have been the best idea.) https://www.facebook.com/walmart/app_262083887168302

    Anyway, I’m very sorry to hear about all this but glad that your family is safe.

  35. Jim Hanson says:

    Sorry about your family, unfortunately similar things happen at alot of thier stores. Policies are made to be ignored, look at Walmart Mexico!

    The only time they willingly call the police is when they catch someone shoplifting. When they opened the store in the town I live in it killed most of the small stores in town. My wife used to work there, they really do treat thier employees with disrespect, largely because the upper management give the lower management unreasonable orders and they have to make it work, no matter what.

    I try to not shop there and never did before I met my wife, even she tries not to shop there. We are with your daughter, don’t shop at Walmart, thier greed overrides any customer service they might give.

  36. Anonymous says:

    two different Wal-Marts, the first of which had just arrived and “was in the process of driving everyone else out of business but, to do that, they cut their prices to the bone, very, very low prices”. In the other Wal-Mart, “they had successfully destroyed the local economy, there was a sort of economic crater with Wal-Mart in the middle; and, in that community, the prices were 17 percent higher

  37. eight says:

    for chit and giggles…. check the stats, they’re becoming too big that’s it hard for consumers to be heard. they have ruined our economy, what happened to buy made in USA creed? they are like bullies, they feed you what you desire and the next thing you know is they’ll take it away after you’re hooked. simple but brilliant business play… say for example, you have a yahoo email account that you been using for years, one day you wake up a yahoo will be charging a dollar for having that account? you will pay since you are attached to that particular address. just like selling cheap then……..
    if consumers can get united and at least do something collectively like boycott walmart at least for one day, that would probably wake them up and realize how we too can put them out of business by not getting their chit together. my grammar isn’t that good but I’m hoping I got my point across . if we don’t it it now, when will be a good time… when the Chinese will own most of the businesses here?

  38. Terry Edgar says:

    What Needs to be done is people Outside Wal-mart store’s all Across the country Protesting with Sign’s And Huge Crowds!

  39. Bill in DC says:

    So sorryt to hear about your wife’s encounter with criminals at Walmart. I’m not surprised about the problems at the Oakland Walmart, especially given the problems associated with living in and around Oakland in the first place. It is disturbing therefore that the Oakland store management is so unprepared to deal with what appear to be commonplace occurrences at their store. I suppose the best response one can offer is either to boycott Walmart entirely or to boycott that store in favor of locations in safer neighborhoods in ?Contra Costa County.

  40. Thomas, so sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she is doing alright.

    It seems like many company’s still don’t know how to use social media. Social media should be about helping the customer and creating a save ground where the company is helping his / her customers. It’s really terrible to hear that they are removing negative comments. They should be thanks full for the negative comment and taking care of it.

    We “customers” wanna do business with a company we can trust. A company who can help us and make their words right. Instead of taking care of the problem they thought they removed the problem … but instead of that they are making the problem even more bigger.

    Next time for them:

    A ) Replying to the subject
    B ) Taking care that the problem is getting solved
    C ) Making a new post with given the status about the problem
    D ) Sending flowers to the customer
    E ) Problem solved, customer happy = Sharing their experience on the web = Company happy = Everybody happy 🙂

  41. This is incredible, walmart really need to sort that out. It comes down to the store manager, he has a target to make in revenue and obviously a security guard hinders their performance. Walmart need to adjust that target.

  42. WiLL says:

    i’m so sorry to hear about your families experience @ wal-mart but glad they were able to walk away with their lives. with that said as a former employee of wal-mart it is a lot of underhanded, shady shit (excuse my language) that goes on behind the scenes in that company and trust/believe me customer safety IS NOT a top priority! people talking about protesting chick-fi-la when they need to protest wal-mart! i will also RT your post, put it on my facebook and tumblr pages because this makes no sense @ all! i don’t know you or your family but to read what happened bothered me! you have my support!!

  43. Paul B says:

    Sorry to hear about this terrible experience. From the attitude I’ve seen at other Wal-marts in PA & NJ, this is not unusual. I think there’s a mindset to do only the minimal possible outside of the doors of the store to be a good citizen and neighbor to the law-abiding members of a community. Remember the disgraceful Black Friday incidents?

    Not call the police? How aout I call the police and everybody I know to picket your sorry-ass store with baseball bats to keep the criminal elements at bay? Either Wal-Mart is a safe place to shop or it’s not. Very simple, because most stores are not.


  44. Walmart is Evil says:

    Walmart is evil. Now you know. Do not be swayed by the low prices. You know better, you know about the destruction of community. You know about the labor issues. Stay away.

  45. Don Noll says:

    Walmart is one of the worst corps for being responsible for anything. In small town America, they build a small store downtown, lowball prices until all the mom and pop stores have boarded up, then move to a bigger store at the edge of the town where the rent or land is cheaper. This means people have to drive farther to get to buy milk and bread, costing them money, it leaves boarded up stores, including their original store and the small town slide into decay, small business are traded for small wage jobs and the profits go to Walmart, not the local economy. I lived in such a town, Milan, TN, for a year in 2006-2007. There are 100’s of small towns where the story is exactly the same.

  46. Paul M says:

    I just tried posting as well, man they are quick!

  47. Rich Thomas says:

    It is simple, WalMart is a walled garden and a marketing tool. It is not a forum for open expression. You blog, that is a forum where you can put anything you like in print. It is also a place where you control the comments and can delete any comment you like.

    Like it or not, they control their Facebook page. It should be the right of the people who controls the publication to control what goes in print there. You do not have the right to put anything you want on someone’s facebook page.

    I would be upset if you started a Victims of WalMart Muggings Facebook page and it was removed. That would be out of bounds.

  48. Lynn says:

    What do you expect Walmart to do about it? Why are you harassing a company on their Facebook? It’s their Facebook, they have the right to do as they please. They are not responsible for your wife or children?? How do you have such a following to agree with you? Are you brainwashing people? Don’t shop there if you don’t feel safe, bottom line! Walmart could implement a security guard but that’s not even a guarantee. The only guarantee is YOU and YOUR choices. Get over yourself! You are not making the world a better place by crying like a baby! No court in the land would agree with you. The only thing I see here is someone looking for a free ride and harassment = YOU. I can’t stand people like yourselves! Get a grip. Any fool that encourages you further is a total loser. I’m a strong advocate for kids and I have to tell you – YOU #FAIL.

  49. Lynn says:

    Futhermore, to you weirdo’s… Walmart is not responsible for the destruction of your community. You are ridiculous! This is why drugs should remain illegal because I wager you’re all pot headed fools! This is the USA, you are allowed to be a profitable corporation. There are PLENTY out there – but you want to pick on the easiest target. Losers in life you are.

  50. Matt Kaiser says:

    So my post in their “report a problem” section was deleted, but I did receive an email with their response to my post before it was deleted. Here’s what it said:

    “Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your comments. We are aware of this complaint and it has been escalated to the appropriate team. We’re sorry if yours or anyone else’s posts were removed, but please read our Social Media Guidelines found here: http://bit.ly/pQh54y. The use of external URLs are prohibited because they are potentially unsafe for our fans. You are welcome to post without URLs, but unfortunately if a URL is included, like yours, the post will be removed.”

    While I doubt that “it has been escalated to the appropriate team” actually means anything, just thought I’d leave this here. For public record and all.

  51. dhalgren says:

    This complaint from the guy who champions blocking people on social media sites if you don’t like what they post.

    Karma’s a beyotch, eh?

    (I’m glad your wife is okay.)

  52. I am so glad to hear that she is ok. This really creeps me out. As though it were some kind of cover-up.

    I can not believe they deleted your comment (TWICE). That is crazy. It wasn’t profane or demeaning, it was completely factual like you were just looking for answers. WOW.


  53. purple says:

    Her own fault for going anywhere in Oakland! Its Oakland what do you expect? I suggest not living there!

  54. Jird says:

    @ Lynn, what happens on a business’s property is their responsibility. Period. No, I couldn’t say that a security guard would or wouldn’t help, or that they should replace her stolen property, HOWEVER…the MANAGER IS RESPONSIBLE for contacting law enforcement when he is advised that a crime has occurred on the store’s property. If the manager did not do his job, then it escalates to corporate liability. When it becomes a repeated occurrance, the company IS guilty of corporate negligence. If YOU went to Walmart and were beaten, robbed, or raped in their parking lot, where would you go for help? Next door? Across the street to the Circle K? NO. You’d go into Walmart and ask someone to call the police, and if they refused, you’d be pissed, too. So don’t give me that crap you just spewed about how wonderful Walmart is.

  55. Grace says:

    Just a tip from someone who supports the Target facebook page. Facebook spam filters will automatically hide (in your mind “delete” or “censor”) posts that contain links, particularly if more than one user is commenting with that link. I can assure you, no moderation team has the bandwidth to willfully and quickly delete all those posts.

  56. peppermint says:

    Those poor downtrodden muggers were looking to start a larceny-based dialogue about involuntary reparations for their community.

  57. Zan B says:

    Sorry to hear about your wife’s experience.

    “Social media is supposed to be about having honest conversations.” This is the internet. Why would you make such a stupid statement as that? Social media is there to marked businesses and ads to you – because you are the product. People will manipulate data and lie to you to get you to buy stuff. No one said anything about being honest.

    And speaking of assault, unless it happened with a WalMart employee, your beef is with the City, not the business. They don’t have to put a security guard there no more than they have to put a guide for the visually impaired based on the numbers of a “seedy” area. Now that I think about it, why was your wife taking your two kids to such a bad part of town?

    If it’s so bad that your chances of getting assaulted and robbed are that high, you should probably stay away from there. I am NOT saying your wife deserved it, but come on, blaming WalMart? I’d delete your comment too for being outlandish, sensational, and slanderous.

  58. Paul M says:

    I am glad nobody is flaming people on here…

    The world according to @Lynn.

    Thomas Hawk:
    -is harassing
    -is brainwashing
    -Get over yourself!
    -crying like a baby!
    -looking for a free ride
    -harassment = YOU
    -YOU #FAIL

    People agreeing with you:
    -I can’t stand people like yourselves!
    -Get a grip.
    -total loser
    -weirdo’s (btw, it is weirdos, not weirdo’s)
    -You are ridiculous!
    -you’re all pot headed fools!
    -Losers in life you are.

    Everybody give @Lynn a hug because she needs one. Or steal her iPhone. Your choice.

  59. Thomas Hawk says:

    Hi Lynn,

    You write: “Don’t shop there if you don’t feel safe, bottom line!”

    I don’t think we will be in the future. But there is nothing wrong with sharing our experience either. Last quarter Walmart earned over $4 billion with a B. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have a conversation about possibly putting a security guard in front of the Oakland store.

    Walmart could implement a security guard but that’s not even a guarantee.

    Having a guard in front of the store in this case theoretically would have helped. The assault happened right in front of the store and a guard may have been able to intervene or also help by getting the license plate number of the car that the woman who stole the phone was in.

    I think the Oakland store should at least be reviewing what people are writing about them on Yelp. Several commenters cite the problems with the parking lot there.

  60. stephanie says:

    @Lynn – OMFG! You seriously need some help! You’re a “strong advocate for kids”. WTF does that even mean? You’re not against children? Well golly, that’s mighty white of you! @Paul M – hahahaha

  61. Sorry to hear about this, and glad you’re not getting *too* many trolls in response (outside of a couple of misguided Walmart defenders).

    I suggest Costco and other competitors. Avoid Walmart like the plague that they are.

  62. Jeff W says:

    That sucks. I’m glad everyone is ok.

    I’d advise you to take responsibility for your own security and not leave it to some low-paid manager with no real power. Mace, a tazer, or yes, even a gun. As you pointed out, it could have been a lot worse.

  63. trish says:

    Sorry that happened to your wife.

    Lynn, your a child advocates and you think its ok for a child to see there mom get hurt by others and no one does anything about it. I think you are full of crap. You must think your sh*t don’t stink eathier, I hate people like you who thinks they are better than others. Your a sad sad person to be able to say horrible things to people. The point here is that the store needs security for the safety of the public so they feel safe shopping there. Your a idiot. Child advocate my ass. Just keep telling yourself that so you feel powerful.

    Sorry your wife and children had to go through that. Ill pray for them so they may feel safe again.

  64. trish says:

    Oh and get your wife some pepper spray so she feels more safe.

  65. walmart don’t give a shit about their customer’s just like they have proved with this guy’s wife’s and 2 daughter’s terrible assault, all they care about is making as much money as they possibly can and they should not need to be advised to employ a security guard especially with all the previous assault’s on their parking lot, also they treat their employee’s like slave’s and i would advise people to avoid shopping at this particular store because they obviously do not appreciate your custom otherwise they would have already employed a security guard, walmart you really should be ashamed of yourselve’s, hope your wife and 2 daughter’s soon get over this frightening experience.

  66. just 1 more point about @lynn you are 1 sick woman how can you reply to these people that have had a frightening experience that they are the 1s that are out of order, you have shown such disrespect for these people and i would not be surprised if you was in some way assosiated with walmart but that’s beside the point, lynn you really need to see a shrink because you are 1 evil bitch and the world would be a better place to live in without people like you and you disgust me and a lot of other caring people so you get a grip sicko.

  67. Lynn says:

    @Jird, actually it’s not Walmart’s responsibility what happens outside their store. How ridiculous? If you get into a car accident, it’s their fault? What if they don’t even own the lot? You all are loonatics. Hey, it’s not that Walmart is unsafe, it’s the town it’s in. Not news breaking that Oakland is crime infested. If you are soo afraid, here’s a tip.. MOVE. Go complain to the city and quit trying to get a free ride. I can’t fathom why Walmart would even bother to issue you a reply and you’re still not happy. Proves a point. Proves that you have an ulterior motive. I’ll say it one last time.. LOSER. Didn’t someone just say above that the complainer about this mess censors his own sites? A loser and a hypocrite.

  68. Lynn says:

    @trish, I really like your vocabulary and you are calling someone an idiot? Did I say that someone should get hurt? You are way off base and out of reality. Stop the drugs sister. That’ right, put the joint down and THINK about what I really said.

  69. Lynn says:

    @DrSyn, Thank you for having the brains to see through this joke. Good catch.

  70. Lynn says:

    @Paul, Wow, thanks for the breakdown! It’s all true what I say. Funny, do I need to break down what you all say because I don’t agree with you? I could care less about any corporation but what’s fair is fair and this rant is all for some sort of unwarranted attention. If you feel so strongly, Paul, where do you live? I’ll pass your sidewalk and say I fell on your crack then sue you.

  71. Lynn says:

    @stephanie, I waste no breath on you. You can’t complete a proper sentence or even comprehend one. Let alone know what advocate means. Please, just don’t post.

  72. Lynn says:

    @alan smith, Picking on women? I don’t see you picking on anyone else that doesn’t agree with you? I never said I felt no empathy, in fact, that’s not the point here. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Learn to write and communicate better. Again, drugs.

  73. Lynn says:

    @alan smith, One more thing, you don’t fool me. I know you are “Thomas Hawk” in disguise. You have no clue what sort of human being I am and the hate you spew doesn’t depict you care about anything. Except a free ride. Good day to you drug addict.

  74. Joseph says:

    I have to point out that most of the individuals agreeing with Thomas Hawk can’t complete a proper thought without interjecting obscene emotion or statements that aren’t factual. It’s fairly comical to believe strangers supporting Hawk would have this invested of an emotional attachment when not one person in an entire parking lot could possibly have a heart? Where were all those people in a crowded Walmart parking lot to not witness this crime. I’ve never witnessed an empty Walmart parking lot during hours of operation. Are you going to call an Oakland town meeting or do you just have a hate for a certain corporation? I call your bluff, Hawk.. and using your kids at that. You’ve provided some biased and contradictory information. You win Hawk, bravo! You’ve gained attention for your area of interest, blogging. You’re famous now. A typical individual with deep concern for their family would not permit his family to shop in Oakland. A typical individual in your position would put their energy to better use instead of trying to gain popularity. Oakland is notorious for crime but you fail to mention this. Let’s see how fast you delete my comment. I won’t check back, so please spare the hate speech, I’ll be happily sleeping unmoved by your negativity and little tales. If anyone should be writing, it’s the wife. Your input does not hold weight.

  75. Joseph says:

    More false information: The only witness that (casually doesn’t want to be involved) does not sound reliable considering victims and witnesses of crimes are held in privacy. If it’s true, I’d blog all day long about the guy that is afraid of some iPod stealing woman. You should write books but remember to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

  76. dhalgren says:

    As I said earlier, I’m glad the wife and kids are safe and sound.

    But given this guy’s history of censoring even those in respectful disagreement with him, I find his indignant self-righteousness toward Walmart’s censoring of his diatribes laughable.

    Besides, haranguing a corporation’s social media website sounds about as fruitful as tossing a message-in-a-bottle into the ocean. He should probably be filling out police reports and pursuing other avenues in a more direct manner.

    All he’s doing out here is venting spleen and fanning the flames for attention.

  77. @lynn absolutely everything you have said is totally incorrect and paranoid, for 1 i have never picked on a woman in all my life and you say i haven’t picked on anyone else, i said what i said to you because you are the most evil and uncaring bitch that has made a comment on this situation, also you said that i am not alan smith i’m thomas hawk in disguise that prove’s your definately paranoid or should i say paranoid schitzophrenic, also there is nothing wrong with my communication no disrespect to you american’s but us english are better speller’s than you american’s and you spell some word’s differently than we do and i don’t agree with that because we created the language so what give’s you the right to alter certain word’s if you can’t respect the english language then you should create your own language and like i said no disrespect to american’s i just wanted to speak my mind, anyway @lynn i know exactly who i am do you because you make me wonder and as for me being a drug addict i have never touched drug’s in all my life and i am 48 you stupid deranged cow.

  78. also @lynn you have accused thomas hawk of being a liar and you have also accused me of being a liar so to prove i am alan smith and that i am english i am willing to give you my email address so you can email me and i will then give you my address in england so you can then write to me and i will send you a reply just to prove that you are definately paranoid ok little miss paranoia, infact you give me your email address and we will take it from there.

  79. Paul M says:

    @Lynn, you want to fall on my crack? I wouldn’t recommend it…it’s kinda stinky. Although not stinky enough to sue me. Boy, you’re gross.

  80. Judith Bandsma says:

    Actually, Lynn, it IS Wal-Mart’s responsibility since they claim ownership of the parking areas where their stores are located. Don’t believe it? Try standing in the farthest parking spot with a sign of any kind. See how fast they call the cops to remove you.

  81. Roxanna Chavers says:

    When i worked a short time at walmart it was always said the customers are number one but apparently not all walmarts so sad.

  82. drew says:

    Like somebody said, they didn’t delete the other anti-Walmart post in the screenshot. Then reading the story it sounds like his wife was assulted by a woman, let me break down what would happened if they had a secruity guard, if they attempted to break up the fight the woman who attacked his wife would turn around and sue walmart due to the use of force and she suddenly received injuries and possily felt like she was sexually assulted if it was a male guard. If they’re going to mug somebody in a parking lot they will use any excuse to sue the store, I’ve seen it happen before when a man was in the door greeter’s face waving the receipe and she went to brush it away, he called the police for assult to get an auto win.

    Scenario 2 the secruity guard stood their and watched and did get the licence plate number(as Mr. Hawk said), this article would now be about how they allowed it to happen and just watched.

    Going back to my point in the first scenario, people have been targeting large companies such as Wal-Mart to sue over little things to earn a quick buck. Somebody spilled coffee on themself due to them being stupid and sued McDonalds, another person sued them because their kid got fat off of their food that they fed them. Even if they place parking lot secruity out there all they can do is watch because somebody would assult another person and if they tried to break it up the attacker would suddenly become hurt and sue, people wouldn’t cry about the lack of their precense but the lack of help with them beinng right there.

  83. Tardyjay says:

    Hey Broski. Sorry to hear of this horrible incident. I’m happy to know that your family is okay. It could have been a lot worse and I’m thankful it wasn’t. Unfortunately, situations like this are an all too common occurrence. It makes me wonder how the Walmart in my town handled a woman being abducted straight out of the parking lot. I cannot support this store. Unfortunately for me I am forced to. I live in a small town for MAYBE 18k people. It scares me that such powerful companies like Walmart refuse to make their stores the safest and best possible store to shop in. Instead, to bring small prices, they screw over the worker and stock their shelves with foreign made products. Of coarse Walmart won’t bring security. Walmart is about giving you the worst possible product for the cheapest price. Walmart does not care about your safety and thinking they do is a mistake. Walmart is quickly becoming one of the worst places to shop safety wise.

  84. Tardyjay says:


    Law suits are bound to happen in any given situation. Unfortunately for your post, scenario 1 makes no sense. If the woman was in the middle of an illegal act, and the Walmart security guard was well within his right to act, the woman has no base for suit. It wouldn’t even make it to court. Scenario 2 also doesn’t make much sense. If the security guard is not authorized to physically get involved in such acts, there would be no reason to assume this man would have made this same kind of post with a different view. In the end, you are making a post about about law suits and not sticking to the topic. The point is that this man’s family was assaulted and measures were not taken to prevent this act. He’s asking Walmart for the chance to help many others like him in the future. How can you fault that? Anyone who does is just looking for an excuse to be an internet bully. Trolls if you will. We don’t really care about what you idiots have to say.

  85. walter says:

    its not walmart, Its Oakland ca. thats a rotten place, move!

  86. This is my final comment to @lynn, why is it that nearly every single comment you have made to anyone that has disagreed with you do you call them loser’s and pot head’s or drug addict’s? i think if anyone’s a drug addict it’s actually you lynn you stupid deranged loser pot headed drug addict LOL.

  87. David says:

    You are in Oakland. If you CHOOSE to live in an area that is, and historically has, been known for this type of behavior…really? Dude, you live in an area where some of the most unGodliest things occur daily.
    While a mugging can occur just about anywhere, if I had to live in Oakland, I’m walking with a gun under my extra garment/carry.

  88. you make the story so compelling and it made me curious and want to care about things related to this story in the future. Thanks for sharing this useful.

  89. Jakes World says:

    This sucks. Hug Julia for me.

  90. Jakes World says:

    oh.. and the WalMart here in little old North Palm Beach, Florida… has a POLICE Officer there.. all the time. Not a Rent-A-Cop.. a City Officer.

  91. Nikole Hahn says:

    I don’t like Walmart anyway. Their customer service and goods are horrible. But that is awful! Their cameras should be working and with all the money Walmart makes you’d think they would get armed guards. California isn’t exactly gun-friendly for honest citizens to be armed (which could have resolved the issue with the mugger). Deleting your comment was terrible, too. It shows their complete lack of care for the customer. Have you thought about writing a complaint letter to the CEO?

  92. Patra says:

    Shop at Target from now on.

  93. Aitchy boy says:

    Surely you would call the police first, then go to the shop management?

    This is a police matter because a crime has taken place. Why did your wife spend 15 minutes with walmart management rather than call the police?

    If she had her phone stolen, then just ask another customer in the store, emergency phone calls are free.

    I am from the UK, so maybe the culture is different in the US, but in the UK you phone the police first then take it from there. In fact witnesses in the UK would absolutely insist on phoning the police, and people would just phone, they wouldn’t need asking. This was a violent attack, your wife fought back, so there would have been no shortage of people phoning the police.

    Also, there will be a formal complaints procedure if you need to complain to a company, I am not sure that facebook is the first place I would look to to issue a formal complaint.

    Facebook for a company like Walmark, is more a form of advertising, it’s not really the place to lodge formal complaints.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Sam Walton was Walmart, now his heir’s don’t want to hear anything, they have gone to as much China stuff as they can. They are not good to their employees. And if you have a problem as a customer, they don’t want to know nothing. The inherited a huge fortune, and then they became GREEDY, why couldn’t they run the business the same way Mr. Walton did, he took pride.
    The RICH never feel they are RICH enough, Why is that? If their family is not suffering and living comfortably. Why is that not good enough for them, instead they lose that inner caring for others.
    If I ever inherited alot of money, I will never let myself get like them.
    They are one of the largest stores in America, they would even do so much better if customers and past customers felt good about shopping there, they have lost alot of customers, to to importing so many products from China and else where, if they sold American Made Products, I know myself I would buy everything I need there.