Photo Talk Plus Episode 30, with Special Guest Brian Matiash

Photo Talk Plus, Episode 30!!!! Wow, we made it to 30 episodes! We had a GREAT show last night on Photo Talk Plus with the one and only Brian Matiash from onOne Software. Brian talked about his role with onOne and we had a great time going through some of his impressive photos on the show as well.

Joining Lotus Carroll and myself were panelists Keith Barrett, Google’s Events Product Manager Zach Yeskel, Karen Hutton, Kerry Murphy and Jan Kabili.

Catherine Hall made a guest appearance as well to talk about her new video show coming out Photography Unfiltered. We also had a few extras pop in including the ever present Billy Wilson and his cat Tibby as well as Brian Matiash‘s leading lady Nicole S. Young.

Brian Matiash has a wonderful processing style and I especially enjoyed going through some of his urbex photos and learning more about how and where he made them.

Last night’s stories included, the new G+ iPad app, +Catherine Hall’s new show, changes made to the “Get Started” G+ list for photographers, PHOTIGY’s HDR Processing contest, the new incredibly expensive Cintiq 24 inch HD Touch tablet, and Issue #2 of Exposed – G+ Photography Journal.

Lotus showed off her awesome new Canon 100mm f/2.8 L series lens (which I also own and LOVE too and shot like crazy shooting macros at the Denver botanical garden) and which you should totally go and buy from Adorama right now here!!!

As always, thank you to everyone who watched live and participated in the chat room as well as our amazing show sponsors who we love dearly, Adorama, Blurb Books, Drobo, and SmugMug.

Be sure to check them out at and

Join us next week when we interview the incredible Daniel Milnor!!!

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