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Like a Morning Sun

Lotus Carroll and I are SUPER excited to announce that Adorama has joined Photo Talk Plus as a sponsor for our show.

When we started the show we decided that we would limit the number of sponsors that we’d accept to four. All four companies had to be companies that we both naturally enthusiastically used and that we would feel happy supporting and personally endorsing. Adorama is definitely that type of company. I’ve bought lots of gear from Adorama over the years myself and have found them to always have consistent low prices and GREAT customer service. Our other two sponsors SmugMug and Blurb Books equally are companies that both Lotus and I can stand behind and personally endorse.

Many in the photo community know Joel Meisels who has been Adorama’s public face to the photo community for a long time. Joel has been an instrumental advocate for photography in social media working for Adorama and Lotus and I are excited that we’ll get to work with him more now.

Another Adorama great is Helen Oster. Helen actually personally assisted me in getting my Canon 5D Mark II a few years back when I hadn’t been able to get one for months. Helen has provided amazing service to photographers over the years and is great at engaging with social media for the company.

To kick off our new relationship with Adorama, *we will be giving away a $500 Adorama gift card live to one of our viewers on tomorrow night’s show.* Be sure to tune in at 8PM PST when we interview the one and only Sly Vegas. Joining Sly will be panelists Richard Hay kora foto morgana Robin Griggs Wood Jon Armstrong and Keith Barrett.

And the next time you need to buy anything camera related check out http://adorama.com where you will get a great price and great service on whatever you might need.

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  1. Helen Oster says:

    Looking forward very much to the challenges and creative potential of this exciting new partnership, and the opportunities for connecting more widely and deeply with the photographic community.

  2. nate Parker says:

    The Bean! I love the Bean!