2,000 Kick Ass Photographers On Google+

2,000 Kick Ass Photographers on Google+

Over the course of the past year I’ve immensely enjoyed the photographic community on Google+. As I’ve met new photographers and new members I’ve maintained a circle with some of the photographers that I’ve most enjoyed following. When you make a circle or a list like this you always leave some people out. This is the downside to sharing a circle like this. For the 2,000 that you include, there are 50,000 that you exclude. Hopefully some of these people will be folks that I can reshare when this circle hits 2,500.

The photography community is thriving at Google+. It is a vibrant active place where photographers interact and share their work on a daily basis. Thank you to Google for giving us such a wonderful new platform and such a beautiful and exciting new way to share our work with the world.

If you are not on Google Plus yet, hop on board. Here are some great photographers to start your experience with.

Part 1 of 4 (Photographers A-Ev)
Part 2 of 4 (Photographers Ev-La)
Part 3 of 4 (Photographers La-Ro)
Part 4 of 4 (Photographers Ro-Z)

You can follow me on Google+ here.

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  1. Every time you post these circles, it’s like someone shot my follower count with steroids. Thanks for including me, as always. You rock, TH.

  2. DingDing says:

    Hi, Tomas, are you still the CEO of Zooomr?
    Zoooomr is dead and photos older than 2009 cannot be shown.
    Many core users of Zooomr are seeking solutions inluding contacting Kris, bute he refused to give any help.

  3. DingDing says:

    See Zooomr users’ discussions on that site’s status.


  4. So I see only Google workers and photographers use G+ 🙂

  5. Quan says:

    Thanks for sharing this list of 2000 photographers.

    Quan Scire
    Custom Website