The Canon 5D Mark III is Out

I think I may have gotten an order in with Adorama. We’ll see if it actually ships (fingers crossed). I’ve also got an order in with B&H.

Lots of coverage out there right now.

1. I posted on it on Google+.

2. Scott Jarvie’s Nikon Boy Reaction to the Mark III.

3. Robert Scoble’s post on G+. Scoble got an order in with B&H.

4. Digital Photography Review’s write up.

5. Engadget / Gizmodo / CNET / The Verge.

6. Official Canon page on the new camera.

7. Gordon Laing’s write up at Camera Labs.

8. Alex Koloskov: Canon 5dMKIII? My biggest disappointment from the company I use to love.

9. Vincent Laforet

10. G Dan Mitchell.

11. Planet 5D.

5D Mark III order page for:


[Update: I thought getting an order in last night with Adorama was too easy. Between B&H and Adorama I guess it’s a waiting game now. Got this email from them this morning:

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, one or more of the items in your order are not in stock, see details below. We’ll ship your order as soon as possible. If you want to cancel your order, please let us know.”]

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  1. Ingo Meckmann says:

    I got the same message from Adorama. The shipping date in Europe seems to be March 22 – that’s at least what I hear.

  2. Neil Ta says:

    A small point, but does anyone know if it will be able to trigger slaves like the 7D can?

  3. blake says:

    Neil –

    The 7D uses its pop-up flash to trigger slaves. The 5dmk2 and 5dmk3 don’t have on-camera pop-up flashes. You have to either mount an ST-E2 or 580EX on-camera for that, or go with a 3rd party solution like Pocket Wizard. Or, of course, use the new Canon radio system, which runs about $1100 for a transmitter and one flash.

  4. Vince Anido says:

    I got the same email from Adorama – I was hoping it was a stock response email for pre-orders.

    Going to have to call Sunday and see what it all means.

  5. HelenOster says:


    Yes, it is. A back-order email is generated automatically whenever we receive an order for something which isn’t physically on our shelves. So even if it’s sitting outside in the trailer and could be shipped to you the same day, until it’s been logged into our system, you will receive that email.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador