The New Flickr Photos From Your Contacts Page Looks Awesome

The New Flickr Photos From Your Contacts Page Looks Awesome

Today Flickr is rolling out their new “Photos from Your Contacts” page and it looks pretty awesome. They announced that this was coming last week and it looks similar to how it was reported on then. I think it’s being rolled out in waves and everyone might not have it at once. I do have the page now myself though.

Photos are now placed in a new “Justified” jigsaw pattern that makes the photos as large as they can possibly be, emphasizing the photos over surrounding white space. Even better, the page now has infinite scrolling. Paging sucks and now you don’t have to page this page anymore — simply scroll to the bottom of the page and more photos will be loaded. If you hover over each photo you have an opportunity to both fave the photo (stars are white and click them to make them pink) or click comment which will take you to the comment box on a photo’s actual main photo page.

Flickr has chosen to display the photographer’s name in small white letters over the photos, which feels a bit distracting at times, but it’s nice that it makes it easier to find your favorite friends’ photos by name.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with the redesign of this page. The justified view feels a lot like Google+’s “Photos From Your Circles” page, but from a functionality perspective it’s a lot better. You can fave photos on this page on Flickr but not Google+ and Flickr’s most recent view is better than the algorithm that Google is currently serving which seems more an odd combination of randomness and female faces.

I’m also really happy that this new design represents a moment of innovation and improvement for Flickr. It seems like under Flickr’s Head of Product, Markus Spiering, that they have a renewed sense of purpose. Shipping this new design is great proof in the pudding that they are serious about improving the site for their users, which is probably the most exciting thing about this new design of all. Congrats to the Flickr team who redesigned this page and rolled it out.

As much as I like this page and am happy to see it today, I KNOW that this page can even be awesomer than it already is. Here are some ideas on how to make this page even better!

1. When we hover over a photo let us press the F key to fave. We can press the F key to fave a photo on the photo page; let us also use it to fave photos on hover. This will make it easier and faster to fave resulting in more faves, and more user interaction.

2. Right now there is only 1 way that this page serves photos, by recency. Flickr could build in 5 other views in a pull down menu on this page: most interesting by the last hour, last 12 hours, last 24 hours, last week, last month. Especially with my contacts (I have a lot more contacts than friends), this will allow me to see the best of their work in various time frames and help surface the absolute best of what my contacts are putting up.

3. Let me filter this view by buckets. Right now I have only two ways that I can filter this view, by contacts or friends and family. What if I wanted to see though all of the photos by my SF photog buddies? Or what if I want to see this page only for my upcoming Utah friends because I’m going to Utah next month and what to immerse myself in their work ahead of the trip? Google has circles, Flickr should have buckets. Once they have buckets then we should be able to filter this page by contacts, friends, or any other bucket that we create.

Anyways, I think all three of these items would make this page even that much better and I hope that today’s redesign is just the beginning for making this page as awesome as it can possibly be. What do you think of the new page? Do you like it? Not like it?

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  1. Finally a contacts page that allows to browse photos without forcing you to open each one to look at it properly!

  2. Love it. It feels really natural, as if it allways been like this, and I’m happy that it hasn’t because that means Flickr is changing.

    I like G+, but what I like about Flickr is that it’s about photos only. No distraction with posts or videos. Just photos. And I love photos.

    This is a good change, I do hope they will change some other things like better notifications of mails / favs / comments.

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  4. Gabriel says:

    Very G+ish!

  5. Rob-L says:

    I’m curious to know how Flickr will count “views” now? Will it count as a view by simply appearing on the new Photos from Your Contacts page or will you have to click into Lightbox view or the actual photo page (where you can comment, see tag info, etc.) to be counted as a view?

  6. Rob-L says:

    Also, it’s not really an “infinite scroll”. Eventually you’ll get to buttons labeled “Previous” and “More Photos”.

  7. Supposedly the are increases the max upload size too. This article doesn’t include specific on the size though:

  8. Thomas Hawk says:

    Brandon, that’s great news. Thanks for sharing that. 🙂

  9. T.J. Powell says:

    I do not have it yet when I goto Flickr. Are they rolling it out over a period of time?

  10. Nick P says:

    Strange – I didn’t think this was the update Flickr had been talking about as I’ve had that look for several weeks now already. I even showed it to a friend early last week as an example of what they might be rolling out on other pages within the site.

  11. Arlene says:

    i truly admire the work you are doing. i follow your articles and love what you have to say. you’ve already made a difference.