Photo Talk Plus, Episode 9, With Special Guest Carlos Miller

Lotus Carroll and I had a fantastic time interviewing Carlos Miller of the famed Photography is Not a Crime blog for Episode 9 of Photo Talk Plus. Interestingly enough Carlos had just been arrested 24 hours earlier for photographing an Occupy Miami protest. This was Carlos’ third arrest for his photography (he beat the rap on the first two). Carlos has championed photographers rights since starting his blog which covers all sorts of photographer rights issues online.

In our interview with Carlos, he talks about the arrest and the fact that the police deleted his video footage of his arrest after arresting him. Unfortunately for the Miami PD, Carlos was able to retrieve the video footage that was deleted. (see below). In the recovered footage it clearly shows that there were other individuals filming the police activity and what appears to be Carlos’ being singled out for an arrest simply for participating in his Constitutionally protected 1st Amendment right to videotape the police.

In addition to our interview with Carlos we talked about some of the top weekly photography related stories from Google+ include Joe Azure’s spectacular 15 minute photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge, Google+’s unofficial 100 million user number projected by Paul Allen, Billy Wilson’s most interactive people on Google+ Circle. and an update on Ivan Makarov’s Plus One Collection book.

This episode’s panelists included Denise Ho from Google Photos, Eric James Leflar, Amy Heiden, Keith Barrett, and Peter Tsai.

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Video of Carlos Miller’s arrest while covering an Occupy Miami protest

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